Is afraid of his harness

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I purchased a new "no pull" harness for my corgi-mix, Ozzie. I had tried training him for a long time with all the methods trainers and others have suggested, but he still nearly choked himself trying to get from point A to point B when he was on leash. The moment I put it on him, he put his tail down and walked away. I wasn't frustrated or angry or in any way being negative when I put it on him and in the three days we've had it, it has never been used as a punishment. He only wears it when we go out for walks, which he used to love.

When it's on he seems terrified of me and is reluctant to come near me. He goes from being excited at the prospect of a walk to overly submissive and almost fearful of me.

I have no idea what could be going on here... he was a rescue so I'm wondering if this is something he associates with the abuse he was subjected to in the past. If so, any idea on ways to make him not afraid of it? I tried giving him treats and playing with him while he was wearing it, just to see if he might stop being so fearful but no luck. The moment I take it off, he's back to his old playful, cheerful self.

Also, it's not the kind that goes around the nose, it's one that connects on the front of his chest. I know they typically are not right for most short dogs but he's a good bit taller than most corgis thanks to his mix so it doesn't trip him or fall off or anything like that.