Small Corgi?

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Ginger's- Suna Arashi

I'm Heading to- Okinawa, Japan!
Barked: Sun Sep 25, '11 3:29pm PST 
We have a Pembroke Welsh Corgi purebred. She's only 20.5 lbs at 1 year 4 months of age. She also has particularly soft fur for a Corgi. She was NOT the runt. Her mom is about 25 pounds and her dad is 33 lbs. All her siblings are 25+ pounds.

Anyone else have a situation like this? Or can we expect her to beef up a little as she gets older? She gets a pretty good amount of exercise and, surprisingly, she's not a food monger like most Corgis. In fact, when I try to give her her heartworm pill in a hotdog, she takes up to five minutes eating the hotdog piece and leaves the pill (grrr)! She also takes up to an hour to eat breakfast and dinner. She'd rather eat a few kibbles here and there throughout the day!