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Low Rider of- Williamsbur- g

Rider-never- listens-except- for treats
Barked: Thu Nov 19, '09 2:27pm PST 
My Corgie, which just turned 1 a few days ago, still wont come when called ! He and I both went through 2 training classes at our local Pet Smart store. We did beginners and intermediate. he did well in the classes but never got the hang of it without the leash. If he sees something or someone to go to, he will take off and not even think about hearing you tell him to stop or come back or whatever. Is it just me or is it something with this breed that I just hvent learned yet? Sorry for the long winded question!
Reilly- Hoover- Sdunek

Barked: Thu Dec 17, '09 11:56am PST 
In my experience, it's a Corgi thing. They have a mind of their own. I use a leash when out doors, as Reilly will do the same thing. Also, he has no road sense. He will just walk out in front of an oncoming car. When I walk him on the road, I make him heel when cars approach, but he doesn't get the idea on his own.
I like Corgi's because they have a mind of their own. They don't just follow you like a fool. Because of this, you have to protect them though.