Corgi like to eat?

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Barked: Thu Nov 5, '09 4:10pm PST 
My corgi loves to eat table food all the time he begs for food!!
Sandy Baby- ♥

I may look- little, but I'm- ALL dog!
Barked: Tue Nov 24, '09 9:01am PST 
BOL Welcome to corgi ownership. big laugh

Sandy would eat all day if I let her. laugh out loud
Reilly- Hoover- Sdunek

Barked: Thu Dec 17, '09 11:52am PST 
In my experience, Corgi's do two things well, eat and bark. Reilly will eat anything in sight. I have to keep him on the green bean diet and be very careful or he will quickly be overweight.
Well, they do a third thing really well, they are very loving, at least Reilly is.


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Barked: Thu Dec 17, '09 12:52pm PST 
Same here. Lexi would eat non stop if we let her. She is on a feeding schedule. 7:45am and 7:00pm. We use small pieces of dry dog food as treats and absolutely no human food. She has to go lay on her bed (in the living room) while we eat, no begging allowed. She is not even allowed in the kitchen. All 3 of my girls are trained on this. When I cook dinner, Lexi knows her boundaries. She will lay in the dining room and watch me but, will not come in the kitchen. We do not treat in the kitchen either. This has come in handy several occasions when I dropped a harmful food, like onions, on the floor. They know better than to go snag it up.