Potty Problems

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Barked: Wed Dec 31, '08 1:11pm PST 
I have a 7 month old corgi male and have a potty training issue. He is very good at my house but I spend a lot of weekends working at my folks. We haven't found a way for him to alert me he needs to go out (even at my place). He has had quite a few accidents and my mom is getting pretty tired of it. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make him understand he needs to treat their home like his? I don't think he is marking because it is generally in the same place not all over as in saying all these rooms are mine. Any info would be great!
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Barked: Thu Jan 1, '09 3:29pm PST 
Do you crate your dog? I would reccomend investing in a crate to take to your mom's house. If you positively associate the crate for him he will probably want to sleep in it at home as well. Kirby has the same problem of not knowing how to tell us he has to go out so he has to stay in his crate when I can't be around to supervise and watch for body language signs that he has to go. You could also get puppy pads (especially since he always goes in the same place at your mom's) to lay down where he has been going and dp the usual praise when he uses those instead of the floor.
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Barked: Sun Sep 6, '09 2:53am PST 
I had a problem like that for a while. he was great at home but we would stay with my grandperents during the week for school and he would just go. my advice is to just take him out every half hour or even more frequently if you need to. Even if he doesnt look like he needs to go, a short run around the yard and then back inside does wonders!