We picked up our puppy last night!

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Aka, weasle- herder!
Barked: Sun Sep 16, '07 2:27pm PST 
We picked up our puppy from the breeder last night. He's adorable! He's eight weeks old and he's doing really well with house training. He's got a really strong personality. He's already barked what for at the next door neighbor's dog for invading his turf. He's also been herding his chew toys and a soda can. It won't run when he nips it, though.
Tootie - (Rainbow- Bridge)

Barked: Sun Sep 16, '07 4:59pm PST 
Congratulations on your new puppy! He's SO cute!!!
Heidi's baby- girl

Barked: Sun Sep 16, '07 8:45pm PST 
congrats, he is really cute. we are going to have babies any day and I'm so excited to see them. Heidi will be happy to loose a few lbs I'm sure!


Super Oliver to- the rescue!
Barked: Mon Sep 17, '07 4:18pm PST 
That is awesome to see more Corgis in the world. dog

me hump you only
Barked: Fri Sep 21, '07 6:18am PST 
he is sooooo cute! try herding a 2 liter bottle smile or stuff some peanut butter in there, he'll have hours of fun! www.MyCorgi.com