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Born to run and- play
Barked: Sat Jun 9, '07 6:33pm PST 
I am starting up a web page for corgis. I am new at this, and it is currently under construction, so bear with me. So please go to www.corgitails.com and let me know what you think. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please let me know!!
Queenie- Gismo

Barked: Tue Jun 12, '07 11:06am PST 
Great idea! There are not a whole lot of good corgi forums out there.

The biggest part is probably going to be the forums so make sure they are easy to navigate and the rules are laid out easily for everyone to see. You probably want rules out first thing in the forum and look around at some other forums to see what the rules are-and as you have the forum and encounter things they will get longer and longer!

Here is a dobe forum that started not that long ago-probably a couple years now actually but relatively new compared to a lot.
Its had to change as its grown and it started out basically as your site was. Look over their rules and how they handle disagreements etc.

the biggest issues seem to come up over things like breeding. Most forums get labeled either breeder or anti breeder-instead its best to go for a in between were responsible breeding can be discussed but usually things like advertising pups for sale no matter how well bred ends badly. Regardless of what way you go you will anger some people-its just something that will be done. On the dobe forum the creater wasn't that up on dobe genetics etc and one of the other first members was an albino breeder so it was quite a frustrating mess for a while untill the owner knew were to stand.

And advertise advertise advertisecheer Join some other general dog forums and put your forum in your signature there. Some forums even have sections for you to put other dogs sites you post at or ones you have made yourself. This is one of my favorite forums and it has a section were you can pout your pet sites on--and it has a TON of corgi owners on it.
I'd suggest looking through stickies on the forums to see what type of things you may want to write up. the breeding section on chazhound has a great sticky about responsible breeding
it has the link at the bottom from were the info came from so you could write your own write up from there.

I bookmarked it so I'll be on soonwave