demolition girls!!

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Catch me if you- can!!!
Barked: Sat Mar 10, '07 5:04am PST 
I am a first time corgi owner. I have two girls that are 10 months old. They are wonderful....well most of the time. Recently they have become distructive towards my couch. They have tons of chew toys, get plenty of play time outside, and seem completly happy otherwise. I've tried everything to stop them. I've sprayed the couch with bitter apple and vinager. I've even tried the classic no no bad dog routine and time out (which they hate and somtime does the trick). I am young and this is my first place of my own and its an old hand-me-down couch so it wasn't all the pretty to start with. But I do hope to get a new one soon but can't until I figure out why the girls are trying to rip it to pieces. Any Corgi owners have any advice or idea to why they are doing this?

fun police
Barked: Sun Mar 11, '07 7:59am PST 
Well i do have a young male corgi. Hes never gone after the couch, but has ripped up the carpet abit. If you've tried the sprays theres not a lot i can think of. But I dont know if you've been to any training classes but some obedience may help the situation. I use a "leave it" command with wicket that works well. You start by having two treats. Put one on the floor with ur hand covering it and say leave it. As soon as the dog ignores it or looks away/stops trying to get it then swoop in and reward with the other treat. Corgis are smart and pick this up pretty fast. once they get it with the treat covered try just placing it on the floor and say leave it.Once they know this command it may help with the couch. If you see them going after the couch point to it and say leave it, if they do then reward them. That's what i would try.

Catch me if you- can!!!
Barked: Sun Mar 11, '07 10:13am PST 
Thanks for the suggestion. They both know leave it. The thing is they do not even show intrest in the couch while I am home. Its when I go to work. A family member of mine said it was seperation anxiety. I don't think it is. They never get upset when I leave. Also my Dad comes over and lets them out at lunch for an hour to play. So they are getting out and he visits with them. Its usually the last 3 or 2 hours before I get home they do the most damage. They will also go a few days being little angels. Then one day I will come home and find stuffing everywhere. They are only 10 months old so they are technically still puppies. Another dog owner I know swears they will grow out of it and that some breeds just mature slower than others. I sure hope so.


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Barked: Fri Mar 23, '07 3:35am PST 
Cati did something similar to our den couch when she was about a year old. He r breeder told us a funny story about Cati's mom, too. Apparently one day, the humans left for a walk and Cati's mother decided she didn't like it, and ripped up the linoleum in the front hall in less than 10 minutes. (It was a temporary rental house, too!) Cati's mom was about a year old at the time. I recommend you crate the little girls while you're gone for their own safety. They will grow out of that destructive phase, it just takes time. You want to keep them safe until they're "trustworthy". The crate is not mean, it's usually comforting to them and it will keep them safe.

Also, do you visit Corgi-L? Lots of corgi owners there with loads of experience and advice.

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Barked: Fri Apr 27, '07 12:15pm PST 
Mine does it too!

I believe it is a mixture of seperation anxiety and the fact that they KNOW that they get attention for doing it. Good or bad, my corgi loves the attention.

My puppy is enrolled in obedience classes and it has made me understand a little better about dog behavior.

We were considering getting apple bitter to spray on the rims. He has chewed holes through parts of our carpet too. Knowing what I know now we have a routine and certain actions we perform to let our corgi know that we are leaders of the pack and not him. We leave without saying goodbye if we are going somewhere and we come home and leave him in his crate for 5 minutes and then greet him when he is calmer. We only pay attention to him on our terms and when he is a calm dog and not excitable.

He has started to calm down and started to behave so much better after we started the obedience classes. We are trying our best to make him see he doesn't have to worry over us when we are not there.