Introducing Nicky & I (could use behavioral advice also)

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Nicholas- Paul (Nicky)

I love- WALKIES!!!
Barked: Thu Feb 25, '10 6:19pm PST 
Nicky is a Peke that I took in to foster and rehome from Pekingese rescue. I run a cat rescue, but we help Peke rescue from time to time. Nicky came from a situation of significant abuse and neglect over 2 years ago, and has been with us since, waiting to be adopted.

Nicky adores me. I can do ANYTHING to him. He loves my baby grandson and my adult daughter, grandson's Mom. He HATES my son. Nicky also rages at the oddest things - like when something brushes his tail. When the refrigerator door brushes him. When we try to groom him. He is very distrustful of strangers.

Nicky is blind in one eye, and the remaining eye has diminishing eye sight.

I really need to help him with his remaining emotional issues, both to help him be more adoptable, but mostly to help him be a more relaxed boy. As his eye sight diminishes, how can I help increase his trust issues so that he doesn't rage against what he can't see?

Any suggestions on how I can continue to help Nicky's emotional condition continue to improve more?