Grooming a peke

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♥Emil- y Raylynn- Chipman

Barked: Tue Jul 14, '09 10:58am PST 
How do you guys groom your pekes? I mean just the everyday brushing at home. Emily hates to lay on her side or back. She fights me so hard and I give up because she gets her eyes all bloodshot and has even worse trouble breathing. She acts like it is killing her, which I guess it can since she has a really squished nose. Any tips?
Yang and- Lilly

Twin Pekes
Barked: Sun Jul 26, '09 11:11pm PST 
Its hard if your dog is really upset about grooming, especially a breed like Pekes that need it so often. She should eventually learn to tolerate it at least. My advice would be to get her professionally groomed regularly so all you need to do is upkeep at home. I try to brush a little each day so it never gets out of hand. I watched a groomer with my dogs and learned to brush them from the bottom up with a slicker and I sometimes need to have my husband help by holding them if they have a mat I need to get out. I take mats out first using a good quality baby/no tears spray in conditioner (I use Johnson and Johnson) and a loose tooth comb, then bath them afterwards. But if the mat is really stubborn, just snip it rather than stress them out further.

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Barked: Wed Jul 29, '09 2:13am PST 
That's what we do. They go to the groomers once a month and I do brushing upkeep at homesmile


Barked: Wed Sep 16, '09 8:56am PST 
My peke haaates getting brushed. Ive started holding a treat for her while i brush her and giving it to her afterwards and she seems to be improving. Shes starting to associate brushing with delicious treats =] and she is very food motivated lol.

Mr. Cutie- Patootie
Barked: Tue Dec 1, '09 11:11am PST 
LOL, wow, I'm glad to know I'm not the only one having a hard time with brushing my Peke. Mines also goes ballistic when he even sees the brush let alone when I brush him and when it comes to me wiping his face and eyes, he really gets hysterical. I'm hoping he'll learn to adjust eventually. My eldest Peke wasn't too keen on it either but now he allows me to do it with no problems. I think they just have to learn to really trust that you won't hurt them, I think they assume we're trying to hurt them, at least that's what I'm thinking when I try to groom mines so I found talking nicely to him while attempting to do it helps, also try to do this when they are calm and not in a very playful mode.