when will he become more fluffier

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Barked: Mon Jan 14, '08 3:37am PST 
hi i wonder if anyone can help me my pekingese puppy is only 4 months old his head is very soft and fluffy but his body and tail which is not curled yet is taking time to become the ball of fur i was hoping for he seems to be shedding alot so i groom him dailey but his hair is not as bushy as i thought he would become. is this as he is still a baby and it takes time for them to get a much more bushy coat

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Barked: Wed Jan 16, '08 10:38am PST 
He's still a baby! Love him for what he is and give him time, he'll grow up into a beauty in no time. Puppy-hood is fleeting, enjoy him for what he is!big grin

cutiepie china- babe
Barked: Tue Jan 29, '08 10:40am PST 
ohhhhhhhhh! give it time before you know it the fur will be like a rug lol,chinagirl has to be groomed every 3 months so enjoy know and start saving for grooming!


Mr. Cutie- Patootie
Barked: Tue Dec 1, '09 10:48am PST 
That's no biggie! Your pup is only 4 months so give him some time, some Pekes get really fluffy right away while others don't. It's good that you brush him regularly, that helps stimulate quicker growth.

Also, I see you mentioned that his tail isn't curled yet. I found that odd because the curled tail should be evident right away. I have two Pekes, one is almost 12 and then I have a puppy who is 2 months old and I got my 2 month old when he just turned 7 wks and his tail was curled, my eldest Pekes tail was curled also and I got him at 13 weeks.

It's OK that your puppy isn't that furry right now but it is odd that his tail isn't curled when they are born that way. Is it a chance your puppy is a mix breed? By looking at the photos of him he looks like a pure breed to me and sometimes they will let their tails hang down too. Maybe he just doesn't like it to stay in the curl pattern too often but then again that's how they are structured so it shouldn't be uncomfortable to him.

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Barked: Sat Dec 5, '09 1:20pm PST 
Is it possible Ziggy is a peekapoo? His muzzle isn't flat and I don't see the distinctive muzzle wrinkle. Did you have a chance to see his parents and take note of their coats?

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