where are all the peks?

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Mr. Cutie- Patootie
Barked: Tue Dec 1, '09 10:15am PST 
Milo checking in........wave
Toree Lee

Tiny but mighty
Barked: Fri Apr 30, '10 10:23am PST 
Hi. My name is Toree Lee and I am a sleeve peke. Just small,4 pounds 5 ounces. My heart and spirit are BIG though. I live with my human mom and 5 other peke friends and 1 allAmerican mutt,Sadee Marie. She is a lot bigger than me but is my favorite playmate. We are one big,happy family here in Idaho.wave

tazie aka- tazmanian devil
Barked: Wed May 12, '10 6:38am PST 
Hi: Button's here and i am new to the forum and too my new Mom lot's of beautiful guys and gals here for me to see, Welcome to everyone here and i'm hoping to make some friends here. Please see my long post at the beginning.-Button's and i am just lovely[according to my new Mom]


Free at last!
Barked: Thu May 13, '10 4:56am PST 
We are here in pekingese rescue wink

Barked: Tue Aug 31, '10 3:46pm PST 
hey, im here! although i am only half Peke. I like to think i am a good gaurd dog but get scared easily.confused smilesmile0;
Manford (Mannie)

The Observer
Barked: Mon Oct 18, '10 11:38am PST 
Hi there! We just joinedsmile Nice to meet all of you Pekes!!! wave
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