fighting patterdale siblings

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Jay & Kia

Barked: Mon Mar 23, '09 5:04am PST 
Has anyone got two brother Patterdales out there????
We need you're help, my friend and I have a brother each and though most of the time they get along very well, sleep and play with each other, when they fight, it's extremely nasty. so much it's resulted in trips to the vets, to have stitches, staples and lots of pucture wounds cleaned.
We know that toys and food can start them off so avoid having anything around when they are together, however their last fight started over nothing and was the worst yet.
We are at our wits end, we practice Cesar Milans dog ideas but just don't know what to do about our dogs. We're not giving up, we now have muzzles for them to if they fight they can't hurt each other or us, but we'd rather have a happy pack!
Anyone have advice?