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Onyx is breed by my dear friend Nancy Miller Pinke, -born as a true American cowboy, then at 7 months age, he moved to Norway to become a Norwegian Viking !

PLEASE HELP the darling sweet Papillon ONYX to get far ( hopefully win ? ) in the ongoing Dogs4all' Photo contest ( Norwegian contest ) You can vote once a day ( pr 24 hours ) from ALL units you have access to ( iPad / iPhone / other smartphones / computers )

How to vote : Click on the link ( or copy ) -a new page opens, then look for the button who says : "Stem" ( Vote in English ) You will be able to see if your vote is counted, as the voting numbers will adjust immediately.

http://offerpop.com/FacebookContestEntry.psp?c=451165&u=49629&a= 340493986057345&p=171225209632004&rest=0&offset=0&sortby=recently_ad ded&id=2103042&rest2=0

Please vote for him once a day !
Please, please ... -share this with ALL your Papillon friends.

Onyx sends sweet, tender butterfly-kisses to you all.
Thank you so much from the proud mom, Line

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