Any Reputable Palillon (and Phalene) Breeders Near the Wyoming Area?

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I'm not sure if this is the correct forum to be posting to, however since it's in regards to papillons & I'm sure some pap babies were adopted via a breeder, I'm still hoping some of you can help me out.
After a few years of searching and working part-time, I've finally managed to get a full-time job recently. With the money I'll be making and the -current- lack of bills I'm needing to pay, I'll be able to afford to get a papillon pup within the coming months. I've been in love with papillons for years and have always wanted one of my own to love & care for -also to be a companion for my 8 year old chihuahua-.
I've tried scouring the shelters in my area in the hopes that there would be a pap there that I could adopt as opposed to buying from a breeder, however I've yet to find anything aside from the usual large dogs -which I love to death, but due to having a small apartment, can't have-.
I was curious if anyone here in this forum knows of any good, reputable pap breeders in -or near- to the Wyoming area? I've tried checking Petfinder and whatnot but haven't had much luck. I'm looking to get a newborn pap to raise. If anyone can help me, I'd appreciate it so much. Thank you.