hopefully getting a new papillon sis and have questions!

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Barked: Thu Nov 22, '12 3:18pm PST 
Ok, so my momma has been researching breeds and thinks she hasfound me a new sister (finally, i have been waiting 3 years, love the cat, but it's a cat!). She just had a few questions that she wanted me to ask everyone:
1) the little girl we arelooking at is 21 weeks old and momma isn't sure about potty training as i had a very hard time being potty trained (and i'm a sheltie)and didn't get fully potty trained until i was around a year and a half old. Any tips. momma was thinking of litterbox training.

2)has anyone tried one of those ultra sonic barkthingies with a papillon? momma had one for me butpassed it on to afriend and was looking at getting a new one.

3) Do papillons have ear hair that needs plucked out?

Any other tips you want to give are greatly appreciated. Momma hasn't had a puppy in 6 years.

Barked: Mon Nov 26, '12 1:35pm PST 
Hi there. smile

1.) I never bother with litterbox training my paps. I take them outside often and in the same area each time. Paps aren't that hard to housetrain if they have been started early. My youngest (6 months) goes to the front door to let me know he has to go. They will probably have a few accidents in the beggining like most dogs.

2.) I wouldn't use a bark color on my paps. My River loves to talk but I don't really mind it. My sister has Chinese Cresteds and my paps are no more talkative than they are. Some paps (and Cresteds) bark more than others.

3.) No ear hair to pull. Powderpuff Chinese Cresteds get ear hair though. lol

Hope that helps. smile

Barked: Thu Nov 29, '12 2:35pm PST 
thanks alot, my momma came and got me and i love my new home. i am smarter than my sheltie sis (sorry fey) and within 3 days already know sit and down. i am having a rough time potty training though because it is so cold out but i am trying and if momma isn't home i normally make it to the litter box (or potty pads if dad decides i can be loose in the kitchen when he is making breakfast). momma really appreciated the advice.