Papillons barking uncontrollably?

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Gray Dawn- Treader

Don't Tread on- me
Barked: Thu Apr 3, '08 1:46pm PST 
Treader can be yappy. He's picked up a bad habit from my GSD, Cookie. He will sort of bay when he begins to bark sometimes. It's cute actually!

Sorry Charlie!
Barked: Thu May 1, '08 2:59am PST 
Charlie will cry for hours on end if i go out of the room. He refuses to be alone. I don't mind it though. :]]
Kimimela- "Mila"- Jenkins

I am small but- MIGHTY!
Barked: Mon May 5, '08 9:55am PST 
Oh dear, yes! Mila is such a barker and at a very high octave that will make you jump! And it has been very difficult to train her to stop. It's not so bad except for at night. At the moment we live with roommates who will sometimes come home at very late hours of the night and when she hears people moving around in the house the barks start and there is no way it does not wake us up. I wouldn't call her a yappy pappy though. BOL. But when she hears certain noises she will bark or whine and she has just started to bark at people outside when she is in the car. The only problem is the night barking. But we love her so much that we can deal with it. We will not be living with roommates forever and we are confident that once my bf and I are alone in the house, the night barking will cease quickly.


It's all about- meeeee!
Barked: Mon May 26, '08 9:32am PST 
My Andi isn't much of a yapper at all. She will give a "warning" bark if someone comes to the door, but that's about it. More often, she'll bark once before running down the hall to see her human sister Alex. It's like a "Ready or not, here I come!" bark.

We have a chronic barking toy Schnauzer right across the street, he goes 24/7 (I'm afraid someone is going to stop him permanently), she even ignores him. The 3 or 4 times Andi's spun into a barking frenzy, a quick "no bark!" stops her. Then she just runs around the house "whuffling."

I think it must vary a great deal from dog to dog.

Barked: Mon Jul 28, '08 10:32am PST 
When I first got my papillon, only 2 weeks ago, she wouldn't bark at all for the first three days, I was kind of worried because my American Eskimo dog barks all the time! Now my Scully only really barks when we play and sometimes when she's in her crate. Right now she isn't barking when the doorbell rings or when my other dog barks, she'll just look around and then ignore it. The occasions when if I speak sternly she usually gets it..

Barked: Wed Jul 30, '08 6:51pm PST 
I have had Jace for 6 yr. I live in a townhouse with a fence around it. He does bark uncontrolably sometimes. It bothers me. I watch this show with a dog trainer and I'm trying what she does. When he barks more then two or three times I walk out of the room. It diverts his attention to me. As soon as I get off the couch he stops to see where I'm going. Paps are great dogs for companionship and yes, they are smart.

Barked: Fri Aug 1, '08 10:32am PST 
Abby barks-alot. She barks if she's bored and wants to play, if we're on the phone too long, if she hears something, if she needs to go outside, she barks if she gets something and we tell her no. SHe hates to be told no. They can be trained which I think is what we may have to do. Abby is a Yappy Pappy!

Member Since
Barked: Wed May 1, '13 6:36am PST 
My dog is smart, but he will not learn about barking and the vinegar bottle. I have taught him not to whine with the vinegar spray bottle. But he refuses to listen about the barking. It is a horrendous problem. He barks at everyone and everything. He doesn't like children especially, and other dogs. I was going to breed him because he is really beautiful, but I'm thinking that it is a bad idea.

Barked: Tue Jul 23, '13 12:00pm PST 
My pappy Ava barks inside or outside and also has that piercing voice when she barks. She is 4 years old and we have been trying to get her to stop ever since she was a little puppy!! It isn't working very well because she is constantly barking nonstop. Do you have any recommendations for how to train her?
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