VENT! why are some ppl so d--d ungrateful!??

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my mother has a goldendoodle. when she said she had put her name in to get one from teh breeder, i told her - "don't do that - you're not in the best of health and goldendoodles are pretty big and energetic".

she said "it's half poodle - how big is it going to get?" and wouldn't talk about it any more.

so yeah - the dog got BIG and made worse bec she was constantly crated, as mom was physically unable to manage her. the dog got neurotic and snappy and very very fat. i got so angry over the situation, i took the dog away from her and she only got it back because she *promised* to amend her ways (which she did... to a point; at least loosey was getting walked regularly and the crate was broken down and put away).

i went down for a visit and took looseyfur for a walk. i came back and said something is very wrong - when she tried to hop off the park bench, her back end completely collapsed and then she was limping so badly i had to make saari (who was then 2) walk and put loosey in the stroller to get her back home.

took her to the vet - she's dysplasic.

so just the other day, mom calls and said loosey's got all these little black bits that look like tar stuck to her skin. i sent her an image file and she said *exactly* like that. i said they're comedones. i ran through a checklist and when everything except one came up yes, i told her get loosey to the vet and have her checked for addison's.

now mom's mad at me because every time she talks to me about the dog "it goes from bad to worse".

like, wtf!?? *I* didn't make her dog sick! if she'd listened to me from the start, this wouldn't be happening!
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Dandelion, FYI, there is a specific "acne", hereditary in standard poodles, which causes quite severe skin issues, especially on the back and flanks. It is called sebaceous adenitis and there are several treatments aimed at keeping it under control.
Your mother should check with her vet as left untreated, it can become quite serious. This doodle "breeder" should also be notified as this is definitely a hereditary issue.

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Yeah, if my mother wasn't listening to me on that bit, I'd just throw in the towel and say "ask the breeder." And of course, the breeder wouldn't be of any help, so I'd wait it out until some epiphany hits them when they realize that "harsh" words against getting the dog were for the best.

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It's the world we live in today.
Everyone seems to want the *perfect* thing (dog/other pet/object etc.), thinks Google is the be all and end all, and doesn't want to put any effort into it past the first link on Google.

I go through similar instances with my own mother and some "friends" quite frequently. It's hard when you spend so much of your time researching and furthering your knowledge in a specific field, only to have the information you dug so deep for fall unheard.

While she seems to think/feel that you are the one at fault, you and many many others all know that she is the one being delusional. And sadly, in the end, it's the dog that suffers. Unfortunately there's no victory in saying "told ya so" when it all comes crashing down. The only hope is that maybe, just maybe, they will learn from their mistake and make better choices in the future - again at the cost of the first dog's life.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I understand how difficult and infuriating it is. I wish I had something more comforting to say, but if the past 8 years especially have taught me anything, it's that people don't like to be told what to do, or that they're wrong.
I'm sorry that you have to go through this, certainly with such close family