Yay!!! We Finally Got A Dog Park!!!!

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Hello, I Love- You
Barked: Mon Aug 26, '13 9:54am PST 
I live in a very urban city full of dog owners/lovers. It has always been a bummer that the closest dog park was 30-40 minutes away. Especially because I am without a car and have to depend on others for rides. And not many people are willing to make a 30-40 minute trip so my dogs can run around like maniacs.

And without a fenced in backyard my dogs rarely get to experience time off leash. But I found out three days ago that the neighborhood park (which is at the end of my street!!!) had fenced in a large portion to become the city's first dog park!!!

I was psyched because Morrison and Lacey (my Chihuahua) especially love the dog park environment. And both have boundless energy and to be able to let them off lease and allow them to run full tilt is GREAT.

I am of course aware of all the negatives that come with a dog park. But because of the hours I work I figure I will just take them to the park in the morning before it gets too crowded.

Today we went for the first time and for the first half hour we had the park to ourselves (which includes tunnels and tires for them to run through). Then a older gentleman joined us with his two male Cattle Dogs named Banjo and Fox. And everyone got along great. The dogs ran and ran until Morrison literally collapsed in the shade in happy, drooling, tail wagging bliss.

Of course the dog park is no substitute for a walk. But it is great to have a place literally 10 minutes from my house where they can run off leash and socialize with other dogs and I can socialize with other people.