Ghostly Experiences

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Although I have not seen this with my puppy, Piper, yet, I am sure I will some time soon. And the other reason this is on Dogster and not Catster, is because I want your experiences too!

Maybe you believe in the supernatural, maybe not. But regardless, there are some things that you just can't explain that your beloved pet has done.

I remember this one time, My bunny Sandy was acting up. He was running and hiding, thumping his foot on the ground to warn 'other bunnies' of danger, and just freaked out. We thought it was strange but just kind of ignored it. It wasn't quite uncommon for him to thump randomly.

But later that night, when we were getting ready for bed, our cat Sparkles was looking down the stairs, her fur standing on end. I looked down but didn't see anything, but the hairs on my spine started to tingle, too. Probably because Sparkles never acts like this, and since then, never has. Any ways, her fur is standing on end and she starts to growl at nothing. I went into my room and had a hell of a time falling asleep.

We think there may have been a ghost or some supernatural being there, and not a good one. Because BOTH of our animals were freaking out in that one day. How odd? I can't explain it, and so the only thing I can think of is; Ghost.

So, feel free to post your experiences! I love to hear them, and I'm sure others do too!
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I love this kind of stuff!

A little more than 3 years ago my boyfriend and I were having some troubles so I took Ava (this was before Nix was even born) and we went back to my home state of Washington for a while. A little backstory: my oldest brother and I butt heads all the time and generally aren't trustworthy spending any amount of time underneath the same roof. Lucky for me, my step-dad (back then he was still a close family friend) had a spare room at his house which I stayed in.

I always got the creepiest feeling trying to fall asleep in that room. Even though Ava never did anything, never growled, never chased shadows, never even lifted her head even when I was at my most scared; but you know what it feels like when someone's staring at you. We all know the feeling right? I definitely felt like there was something there in the corner across from the doorway in that room. The feeling of eyes on me was present 24/7. Some nights it would feel closer, like it was right up next to the bedside. Other nights it would be back in that corner again. I kept expecting to look at the giant closet mirror and see something reflected behind me. It was not a nice feeling at all! But like I said, Ava was no help. In fact, because of her lack of... doing anything... my mom and friend doubted that I was feeling such a presence. And they are super in to ghosts and the paranormal, so for them to actually DOUBT that I was feeling some crazy supernatural vibes coming from that corner says a lot. thinking

Well, my boyfriend and I sorted it out and I came back to Virginia, but a-year-and-a-half later I went back to WA for my mom and step-dad's wedding. My boyfriend stayed in VA with our dogs. I slept on the couch while in my step-dad's place because I REFUSED to sleep in that upstairs room again. Ava may have never alerted to the creepy vibes, but at least she was company. But this time, since both the dogs had stayed back in VA with my boyfriend, I had no one, and I wasn't gonna step foot in there by myself! laugh out loud

So I slept on the couch... but wouldn't you know from the first night to the last for the entire week I spent with my family, every night I had to have the TV on and the lights on, because I got the same freakin' feeling of being watched! This time it was coming from the kitchen, and it was stronger than ever.

I told my mom and step-dad, and they said there is a ghost who they've actually talked to with a Ouija board, but it's not a mean one. It's just a protector. I said "Well obviously it thinks I'm a threat because I'm getting the feeling that whatever it is, it doesn't want me to be here."

I got through that week ok (nevermind a few nightmares) but then just back in May when my fiance and I went back to WA for OUR wedding, we stayed with my parents instead of getting a hotel, and slept on the couch, and darned if that feeling wasn't as strong as it ever was. It actually followed me around that time. The dogs came with us for our wedding, but Ava didn't react at all. Nix? I'm not so sure. When he wasn't trying to get us to play ball he spent a lot of time hiding under the table in the living room, but that could be for any number of reasons. It was a nice quiet spot, he was nervous from the traveling, or he was sensing spirits. Who knows. Neither of my dogs are very in-tuned with this kind of stuff though. Figures. wink

Oh, I will add though, that ever since my mom and step-dad got married and Mom sold her house and she and my brothers all went to live in his place, my younger brother took the spare room that I had stayed in, and he has said that sometimes he gets a creepy feeling from that exact corner! Weirdest part? I NEVER told him anything about it before. So it's not even like his feeling is influenced by any ghost stories I've shared. He knew nothing about my experience with the feeling of something staring me down, until May when my husband and I were there, and I asked him "So have you ever felt any creepy stuff going on in that room?" and he said yes and described the feeling coming from the same corner!

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I have nothing to add - just love to read this kind of stuff!