How to Answer Certain Questions, Fact vs. Opinion

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Futuristic Bow- Wow
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Ok so I work at this pet store, and they sell puppies(the only thing I don't like about the job). I would definitely say I know a lot about dogs. Not in-depth health things or genetics, but basic and breed-specific stuff. But sometimes, I have no idea how to answer questions people throw at me.
Fact or Opinion #1: Customer referring to a toy poodle. "Are poodles good with kids?"
What I'm thinking: "Any breed can be good with kids. It depends on the dog, the kid's behavior, and how the two are raised. Some say Dachshunds can be nippy and aren't recommended for kids, but Shortdog loved everyone.
What I said(based on all my experiences with Poodles): "Yes, they are"

Fact or Opinion #2: DOG FOOD. I went to this pet food seminar last Sunday, and they were talking about Natural Balance. The way they described it sounded good to me! Grain free? Limited ingredients? One protein and one carb? Sounds great! So this guy came in looking for dog food for his five Shih Tzus. I recommended Natural Balance because 1) we're supposed to be promoting it and 2) it sounds like good dog food! After I was done with that customer, my coworker said, "Don't recommend Natural Balance because the first ingredient is a carb and it's low in protein."
So I thought I was using some logic by saying, "But they guy has Shih Tzus, not Huskies or German Shepherds(for example). Shih Tzus are not high performance dogs. They were bred strictly as companion dogs, therefore don't even NEED a bunch of protein." If you had a chicken leg and had to choose between giving it to a football player or a couch potato, who would need it more? The football player!
Anyway, the very next day, a lady came in looking for food to put some weight on her Min Pin, even though he definitely didn't need it...the dog was in great shape. So I did what I was told and recommended another food. Well, sure enough, ANOTHER coworker said, "You should have recommended Natural Balance" thinking Um? To bulk up a dog? After I was told it was low in protein? At any rate, the dog will put whatever weight he needs on depending on how much you feed and exercise him. You want muscle, not fat, anyway.

Fact or Opinion #3: Fleas. A lady called saying her dog is allergic to flea bites, and what do I recommend to get rid of the fleas. Well, first of all, I know exactly what she's going through because Jackson is allergic to flea bites. The idea is to get rid of the SOURCE. Now, Jackson used Comfortis and it works wonders, but the store doesn't carry it, so I recommended the best thing they have: K9 Advantix II. I told her what it kills/prevents. I got off the phone and the manager told me next time someone asks for flea control, recommend this spray and shampoo, and I'll get a whole DOLLAR(tax-free) added to my paycheck! dancing

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Futuristic Bow- Wow
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But um, the idea is to get to the SOURCE to take care of the problem, right? The medicine would prevent the bites, preventing the allergic reaction. The spray and shampoo would wash off the fleas that already bit. So, I would much rather help a dog than get one lousy stinking dollar added to my check.

Fact or Opinion #4: How often are you supposed to bathe this dog? I was showing a Westie to a family and the lady asked me this. I didn't know how to answer! I'll use Jackson as an example again. I've heard German Shepherds only need bathed twice a year. Whenever I tell someone that, they act shocked and say, "WOW. REALLY??" I mean, it's really if the dog NEEDS it and/or he's an inside dog. Like, if you take him hiking and he plays in a creek and hes an indoor dog, you'll probably wanna give him a bath. Westies, of course, are white, and appear dirty a lot quicker than darker dogs. So...I guess it depends on how white you want the dog?? As long as you're not bathing him once a week or something. This lady came in saying her pit bull has really flaky skin. So I recommended this ultra soothing oatmeal shampoo. Then I recommended this food for sensitive stomachs and skin. Finally I asked, "How often do you bathe him?" She replied with, "Pretty much every day". Well that's your problem right there! I told her that's depleting the oils in is skin, making it flaky. So I still recommended the shampoo and cutting down on his bathing A LOT.

SO YEAH. That's all I can think of right now. How am I supposed to answer these? How would you answer these?

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