Rent a dog? What the?

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Barked: Sat Nov 17, '12 12:10am PST 

What are your thoughts on this..

I'm not fond of the person doing this and his use of curse words saying finding good dog food is too confusing? It's lot better then it was few years ago a lot good review sites ans info..

I'm not for this as I can see it might be stressful for a dog.

"Hannah will sometimes have the perfect pet at a location, but more often it will find an animal by contacting a network of shelters, rescue groups and small-scale breeders."

Small scale breeders wish they'd elaborate more.. I'm guessing puppymill? I just can't see a good breeder giving their pups to a dog rental service.. eek

Coarse I'm not a breeder, but it seems wrong.

It is sad when it doesn't work out because breed isn't for you or the puppy is just not right for you personality wise.

I dunno.

Barked: Sun Nov 18, '12 3:41pm PST 
What...the...?? Uhhh...I guess the only good thing that could come of this would be that some people may realize that they shouldn't have a dog?? Does seem like it would be very stressful on the dogs. I think that the option to rent a dog makes dogs appear to be a product rather than living breathing feeling creatures. Very sad. frown
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Barked: Sun Nov 18, '12 7:44pm PST 
$59 to rent a dog for a month, yet he talks about the insurmountable cost of pet food? Dude, $60 will feed my two 50+ lb dogs for 2 months.

I think he's being a bit hypocritical. He wants people to value the dogs and make an informed decision about the true value of a dog, but he throws pets around like rentable cars at the airport. Not a commodity, but a simple cost. That's a pretty dangerous seed to place.


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Barked: Sun Nov 18, '12 10:24pm PST 
I agree I can feed my dogs good kibble for decent price and my guess the kibble they provide it their brand which not sure if it's good or not my guess it's not. :

I don't like how you have to use their vet.

I'd hate for this to spread it just doesn't seem right.

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Barked: Sun Nov 18, '12 11:18pm PST 
Not a Hannah fan - I'll just leave it there.

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Barked: Tue Nov 20, '12 10:32am PST