I Hope I Made The Right Decision....I Think I Did

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Luna (Lovegood)

Bay All Day
Barked: Fri Jun 29, '12 10:37am PST 
So I took in Luna about a month ago from a friend who thought she was going to have to move to a place that did not allow dogs. I had offered to take in Luna because I always wanted a Beagle and thought she was a great puppy.

Well four days ago my friend tells me that she and her husband lost out on the apartment that had a no pet policy. And they have since decided to rent a small place from her husbands ex brother in law and he allows pets.

When she first thought they were going to move she also rehomed two other family dogs. And her kids have been devastated.

She asked me if there was any possible way that I could allow Luna to go back "home". I asked her if she was absolutely positive that this place would be a long term situation and she would not be looking for a home for Luna in another year or two. She assured me that this home was as close to permanent as possible. And if they moved again it would be into a home that they would buy.

I thought it over and realized Luna needs alot more than I can currently give her. I have really bad asthma/allergies and have not been able to get her out and properly exercised like she needs. And while I love her with all my heart I know that my home is not whats best for her. Though I had planned to soldier through and make it work.

And so for three days I thought on it, cried on it, and thought on it some more. And then I decided that Luna would be better off in her previous home.

To make things clear I DID NOT plan to rehome Luna at all. But this is a special circumstance and she is welcome back if anything is to happen that it seems like she won't work out. I will also dogsit her when they are out of town.

So please don't flame me. But Luna is no longer a part of the family frown

Chows are too- dignified to do- that
Barked: Wed Jul 4, '12 7:05am PST 
I don't think your friends are very responsible and maybe you have too kind a heart, but you did what you felt was the right thing to do. Please keep an eye on her though, just in case they get stupid again.smilesmile

Mischief is my- middle name
Barked: Mon Jul 9, '12 5:54am PST 
I think you did, because of the kids. Comfort yourself with how happy they'll be to have one of their dogs back.

Me, myself, and I wouldn't re-home a dog until the absolute last minute, because I'd want every last minute of time with my dog until I HAD to giver her up. Maybe I'm abnormally attached to my critter.


Barked: Fri Jul 13, '12 6:35pm PST 
Simba, sometimes unforseen circumstances do happen. Therefore, I think it is a bit crude for you to jump to the conclusion that the OP's friend is irresponsible. I remember the first 2 cats I had belonged to my ex piano teacher who was planning to move back to China because her hubby had been hired to teach, and they had been preparing to sell their home and all that, so they gave the cats to my mother on the pretence we would keep them. Well 2 months later, stuff fell through with the Chinese government and these people wern't able to go, so they had to do everything all over again here in Canada, and they wanted their cats back. I won't deny, it was very heart breaking for me and my family when we had to return Princess and Beanie, but at the end of the day, those cats were theirs first, and we had to do what we had to do. About a month later we got Jellybean, so it was all good. smile