A Day of Remembrance and Appreciation

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Good Morning Dogsters,

Happy Memorial Day to everyone here, and I hope that it finds you well. First let me apologize if this isn't the correct place for this sort of thing, I don't post often enough to know exactly where this would go, so this is kind of a shot in the dark.

Nearly everyone in this country either has someone serving in an Active Duty component, or has known someone that has served over the course of this country's history. Whether it was your grandfather, brother, sister, mother, or whomever else, at some point it's likely that a service member has touched your life in some way. So, I thought it would be fun to share various stories of the veterans in your life, whether they are still with us or not.

Speaking as a veteran who has lost many brothers and sisters to various conflicts throughout the world, the burden is often heavy and the price they paid is ultimate and often takes it's toll on far more than the person that gave their life in service to this country. So, take this opportunity to honor the ones in your life that have served by sharing stories, or even just posting up a remembrance of them in this thread.

Finally, again as someone who has served, and has seen other service members give their life for this nation, I would like to say thank you to all the citizens of this great nation. Whether you are an Airman, Soldier, Seaman, or Marine, your service isn't defined by what you do personally, but by those that you protect and serve, the loved ones that you leave at home and go abroad to defend. Many of us didn't make it home, but I can say personally that without you, the citizen, we would have had no aim in life, no goal with which to set our sights on, and no loving arms to return to. So, for many of you this is a day of remembrance for those that have paid the ultimate price, just know that we the veterans, as well as the deceased, are just as grateful to you for defining a nation, and giving us something to fight for.

So, feel free to post in this thread with stories from your life of those that have served, and I hope that you all have a great Memorial Day.

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