Will my dogs forgive me for having kids...just venting

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Barked: Thu May 17, '12 5:41pm PST 
I just to say I love my 2 and 4 legged kids...I just always feel like I am letting my 4 legged ones down all the time, I don't feel this way so much about the 2 younger dogs because they came after the kids, but I have had the other 2 since I was 15. So here we are 10 yrs later and they have to share me with so many others. I know they enjoy me being a SAHM considering I was next home much in HS and college. My older dogs are not fond of children but they tolerate the human babies, but as soon as they go to bed the dogs will not get off of me...and god forbid one of the kids wakes and I have to run and take care of them, and when my husband is actually not at sea, the dogs and him fight over a spot next to. I feel like the littles look at the kids and other dogs thinking why did you need them, we werent good enough for you.

I think I am just jealous of the activities other dog owners can do with their dogs, however I know much of mine is self inflicted. shrug

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Barked: Thu May 17, '12 6:25pm PST 
Trust me they understand more than you know. Our furkids love our grandkids but probably feel out of sorts when they come for the weekend because our whole routine becomes a mess,not really acceptable in Akita world. Akitas thrive on routine and habit,they get upset in normal circumstances if I move their toy box. The grandkids show up and their whole world blows up in front of them,yet let any stranger get near those kids and mean harm,my pups would risk their lives for them. Mika wasn't overly fond of Kai's arrival either but absolutely wouldn't know what to do without him now. They truly know and understand what the order of things is and why it is that way,they are also well aware of how imperfect we can be but love us just the same.hughughug