Is it just me, or do people frown upon "young" dog owners?

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Hey all. This is going to be pretty rant-y, so hopefully I don't sound too stupid or offend anyone. Anyway... I'm 20, live on my own and have a male shih-tzu mix. I am in school and I've always been very responsible and independent. When I take my dog into a pet store such as Pet Valu or Petsmart, a lot of people seem to give me dirty looks and ignore my dog. It happens sometimes when we go for walks too.

Even Carter's vet gave me a lecture on how you never hit a dog to discipline them when he was there for a routine check-up and shots! I was so hurt and offended. I have never abused an animal and loathe people that do. As a matter of fact, I rescued Carter from his previous owner, who used to be abusive... apparently she would hit him over the head all the time and lock him in the bathroom. It still breaks my heart when I think about it, because this little dog is my world and he's super sweet and usually really well behaved (although he does have his moments... lol). And to clarify, he wasn't acting strange or fearful of the vet, had nothing wrong with him physically or otherwise, so there was no reason for her to make it sound like I was an animal abuser. After this vet encounter, I started thinking more and more about how people react to us in the pet stores and combined with the vet visit, that was when I really started to think people might have something against me and/or my dog because I'm a "young" dog owner.

I guess it upsets me even more because out of the people I know with dogs, I take the best care of mine(which should also be saying a lot because they have far more money than I do!). He is always nicely groomed, has a cute matching harness and leash, behaves pretty well in public, and is fed high quality food AND treats! I also brush his teeth everyday, and brush his fur everyday, and he has about 20 toys. He's a good dog that is well taken care of (and certainly spoiled in regard to toys haha) and I'm a pretty nice, down to earth owner, so what gives? Has anyone else noticed anything like this before?

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Hi smile

Well I'm 21 years old and my dog is 9 and so far I have not had anyone give me a dirty look or "lecture" me on how to treat him laugh out loud

In fact, it's the other way around with me. Sometimes I see people walking out of the store with bags of Ol' Roy and I just want to go up to them and tell them that they're slowly poisoning their dog with that nasty food.

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That's hilarious, I'm the same way when I see people about to buy Ol' Roy! I want to tell them they're essentially feeding their dog McDonalds everyday. I guess people buy it because it's the cheapest. Even when I didn't know much about feeding premium foods, I knew not to feed Ol' Roy lol


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At 23 I have to say you pair are not alone. Even though my dog is well groomed, trained, knows tricks and is politely mannered, I still get looked at badly.

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I'm only 15 & have 3 dogs right now... [Well, our 10yr old lab is more my dad's dog, but since I'm the dog-freak of the family, I get the duty of buying treats, toys, collars, brushes, and taking care of them (I REALLY wish I could afford food for them.... getting kinda sick of having to feed 'em not-so-great food = )

I don't get dirty looks when I'm taking my boys for a walk... usually people say how well-behaved & handsome the boys are. But one time I took Shasta to a field & let him run around... he got just out of sight and I heard a bunch of barking & yipping... I ran over to see what was going on, this really old couple was holding their little Bichon and giving me THE worst glare imaginable... I mean I don't blame them to an extent... if there was a 45lb dog acting 'savage' to my little 8lb dog I'd probably be pretty ticked off too... but even when I calmed Shasta down and they continued on their walk, but they would still turn around and glare at me...... shrug
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I dont think it's because you're a young dog owner it may just be beause you're young! laugh out loud

I find that sometimes people do think if you're young it means you're stupid or irresponsible. Not saying that every young person is smart and responsible but people do tend to judge people right away regardless. I think it's just human nature and stereotypes working in peoples minds. Just because we're young doesn't mean we're all Jersey Shore cast mates, some of us do have a good head on our shoulders.
wink I think I'm among good company on dogster- we're all ageless here.

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