what other animals/pets do you have?

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Barked: Thu Jul 12, '12 3:11pm PST 
I already posted about mine, but I can post about my friend's because she has a lot of exotic pets that are quite interesting. smile

3 dogs (Snowy Crystal and Rayne)
2 Chinese water dragons (Blaze and Bella)
2 minnie alligators (Aries and Aurora)
1 snake (Barney)
1 hedgehog (Snickers)
And she's looking into getting a bird of some sort. smile
Kashmir- ♥ CGC

Boxer Beach Bum
Barked: Wed Sep 12, '12 6:07am PST 
I know this is an older thread but i could resist. wave

Besides Kashmir and Zoe the dogs,

I currently have a red betta fish: Atticus
I recently lost my 2 year old betta Aristotle

I have numerous rats including Bella, Zeke, Maxwell Rosco and Diesel.
i sure love my ratties, but would love to own a bunny some day!! cloud 9
Katy Elle- Collie

My Personal- Lassie
Barked: Mon Nov 26, '12 2:46am PST 
Aside from Katy, I live with two other dogs, but I consider them my mom's since they won't have anything to do with me. I have nine rats, six chickens, two cats, and two rabbits.

Katy Elle - dog; rough collie; female; tricolor; almost seven months
Holly - dog; Shih Tzu/Pekingese; female; black and white; almost two years
Gizmo - dog; Shih Tzu; male; gray and white; almost six years; Holly's dad

Emilie Veronica - rat; female; black hooded; dumbo-ear; almost two years
Florence Cynder - rat; female; mink Berkshire; top-ear; almost two years
Lorelei Ellaina - rat; female; pink-eyed white; top-ear; one year
London Rose - rat; female; black bareback; top-ear; one year
Valdosta Summer - rat; female; agouti Berkshire; top-ear; one year
Amelia Star - rat; female; black Berkshire; top-ear; one year
Vera Vendetta - rat; female; light beige Berkshire; top-ear; one year
Miles Alexander - rat; male; Russian blue Berkshire; dumbo-ear; rex fur; one year
Augustus Orion - rat; male; Russian blue hooded; dumbo-ear; rex fur; one and a half years; Miles' dad

Gracie - chicken; white leghorn; female; white; standard-sized; about one year
Dixon - chicken; booted bantam; male; silver; bantam; eight months
Georgia - chicken; Cochin; male; red; bantam; eight months
Alaska - chicken; d'Uccle; female; white; bantam; eight months
Ruthie - chicken; Cochin; female; red; bantam; eight months
Raven - chicken; Rosecomb; female; black; bantam; eight months

Smokey - cat; mixed; male; gray tabby; green eyes; seven years
Sammy - cat; mixed; male; gray tabby; green eyes; seven years; Smokey's brother

Chester - rabbit; Lionhead; male; fawn; about seven years
Timothy - rabbit; unknown breed; male; albino; about one and a half years

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