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Toto, CD,- RN, CGC

We don't- doodle!!!
Barked: Sat Oct 18, '14 5:28pm PST 
Yup, Dog of the Day, Dog of the Week is apparently still stuck along with the Diaries.

Black dogs rock!
Barked: Sun Oct 19, '14 6:54am PST 
Finally have more than 5 minutes to sparelaugh out loud Now if I can just remember what everyone said....

cheer for new place, Tyler

cloud 9 for DOTD , Harvey!

Sonja, strange, I was at a funeral last week ( with my client, no one I knew) and I was thinking about pre planning mine and all that goes with itthinking Still haven't figured out how far I want to go with heroic measures, guess I should figure it out soon!

Dunlop, hope things went well the Mitchs motherhug

Nicky, I have no idea what anyone is talking about regarding all these TV showslaugh out loud I rarely watch TV except Dr Oz and Dr Phil ( I work with seniors,what can I say?laugh out loud or I catch the French shows that hubby is watching in the aprx hour I have to myself in the evening confused

Flicka, hope all is well with Flicka and the companyhug

Although between the 4 jobs , walking the dogs and playing chauffeur to my highly functioning autistic but non driving son , I don't have a lot of time to post here,but I do check in here every day to keep up with you guyshughughug

Off to do some housework , then spend some quality time with the pups smile

It's all about- me.
Barked: Sun Oct 19, '14 8:08am PST 
Yep....pre-planning your own funeral arrangements and all that goes with that isn't the most exciting thing to think about.

My mom refused to talk about any planning whatsoever. Her death became a nightmare for months on end due to no planning. I don't want to do that to any of my loved ones.

I'm taking my kids up to the ranch for a play date. Still have beautiful fall weather here and I want to enjoy every minute of it.

Flicka ~ CGC

NO-ONE is going- to sneak up on- my Mummy
Barked: Sun Oct 19, '14 1:26pm PST 
hughughughughug Bunny hughughughughug

I dont watch the TV either.. never have time anyway !

Flix did really really really well !! Just one not very big slip up !

Sonja.. whilst I dont j=have anything paid for.. it IS planed and jay is fully aware.. and should he go before.. it IS written down in plain simple terms a 2 year old could follow.

I watch my Dad go through hell when my Mum died as there were no Wishes or a will(she was 50) never going to have that happen if I can avoid it.
Sanka- I'll Miss- You

The ground is my- newspaper.
Barked: Sun Oct 19, '14 5:31pm PST 
Heck, my grandfather had a will and a lot of the funeral arranged and even his death was a lot to deal with legally. He owned farm ground and just transferring that to my grandmother's name was a nightmare! Dying ain't easy!

Tyler, any way to set up a webcam? Not sure what kind of phone you've got, but you could possibly monitor him while you're away with your phone to see how he's really doing and then go from there.

The only tv show I've been watching is Doctor Who. But I've even missed a few episodes. I don't really watch shows right when they air. Usually just watch reruns when I do sit down. Also like Alaska the Last Frontier. Watching that now.

Honey was adopted.cheer Dropped her off Friday. She made it easy for me. Walked in like she was home. Had to coax her over to me to even say goodbye. Got a text from the adopter today. She said her dog and Honey are already getting along great and sharing her bed together!dancing That's big because Honey usually needs some time to get the kinks worked out with other dogs. But that's what we thought with their personalities fitting each other. They're opposites in a way, and just seemed like they'd fit in well. Hoping they'll keep sending pictures. Just love the updates!

Already have plenty of people showing me dogs they want to pull for me to foster, but I know I need a little break. And I know Kato needs a little break. Gonna prep my house for winter and maybe put in a new floor in the bedroom. So, once that's done, I plan on fostering again. Hate pushing things away because time is crucial to a lot, but I just know I'll feel better with some time to relax a bit.
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