SPAM, Poop, & Morlocks

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Sarah, CWSR,- CWG1, CGC

Million Dollar- Mutt
Barked: Sat Feb 18, '12 8:39am PST 
Morning all- Happy coffee time! I am having a nice big cup of... Diet Coke... smile Goes great with my oatmeal! Need to go shopping big time- all out of Kleenexes and down to my last roll of toilet paper!

Dogs are watching the birds and squirrels through the window, and they're making a ruckus... Need to throw them outside. One of the fosters has decided to poop in my bedroom everyday! He's in big trouble.... Good news is, his poop is brown... not blue!
Angel Annie

Love my treats,- oh yeah!
Barked: Sat Feb 18, '12 8:49am PST 

Dead lizard smell.....ew!

Sarah, I get real nervous when I'm down to last roll of toilet paper!

Turner, how cool you can see the milky way!

My son was diagnosed with White Coat Hypertension many years ago and that's when I first heard of it.

Hope Sanka is OK! flowers

Roxy, how's dad?

Thor, so familiar with the snoring! naughty

M&K, yes my hubby is doing fine. Back in 1997, he went in for his routine physical and EKG looked weird. They sent him for stress test and then angio. He had absolutely no symptoms at all and was out doing yardwork, etc. Anyway, the angio showed 5 blocked arteries so in a few days he was having quintuple bypass. He came through it fine and is doing great so far. He did have a routine stress test Friday but haven't gotten the results yet. He also has diabetes but on meds for that and so far so good. Needs to lose a few lbs but that's an ongoing struggle. When I had my stent put in over the holidays, at least I had chest pains to let me know something was wrong. With him, the doc said if he hadn't just happened to have the physical, he would have had a heart attack.shock Happy to hear your hubby is doing OK.

It's been raining here since yesterday. Annie is looking for hiding places! meditate

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too old to eat- any more KD
Barked: Sat Feb 18, '12 9:12am PST 
Hi allwave Rainy & windy here also. The dogs let me sleep incheer Now they are staring at me waiting for that invisible sign we are going walkiesdog walk
I came home yesterday to find that Squ'mey had pulled down my new curtains!! He actually managed to rip the whole curtain rod out of the walleek I guess he really wants to see outsidelaugh out loud Now I need a drill to put the rod back up...& make it securesmile
I have a very compromised client today...but she adores Wiley, & he is so gentle with her..so da boyz will get to come with me todaycheer Even Squam seems to know he can't be his usual boisterous self...but he is so big she shies away from him.

Shane DEC- '08-JAN '12- RIP

In dreams I walk- with you..
Barked: Sat Feb 18, '12 9:38am PST 
Happy Spam Adjacent!! wave

White Coat Hypertension? Would that extend to dieticians and aerobics instructors? big grin

Overcast and drizzly here today, I sure could use some sunshine smile

pudgylemming 9.5
Sanka- I'll Miss- You

The ground is my- newspaper.
Barked: Sat Feb 18, '12 10:28am PST 
I would guess white coat hypertension would be quite present with dentists! Seriously, going in for a cleaning and crossing your fingers for no cavities can really get your blood pressure up!

I've never worried about toilet paper running low. My father sells janitorial supplies, so he's always got some in stock! lol

Sanka seems fine this morning. The ole butt rub test proved trustworthy again. He's going to be quite upset this afternoon though. Finally got my father to go for a hike with me. My parents keep talking about exercising more, so I keep telling them to join me on my hikes. They usually pass.laugh out loud But we made a compromise today. Checking out a new trail up north a bit. That means Sanka isn't coming. He's too much of a pain to deal with in places we're familiar with, let alone in completely new places.

Hope everyone else gets to enjoy their weekend.wave

Hump Hump
Barked: Sat Feb 18, '12 11:25am PST 
Howdy Gang....wave

Thank you Mick for my cool new pic, I will use it until the new DOTW is picked...way to go

Our morning schedule is out of whack with little Deb here , but Ye Old Thor , got his end piece of mystery meat... leftover SPAM....hamster dance
Good to the last bowl pushing around the kitchen floor drop ...hamster dance

Good weather again here today , 49 & sunny ,we all just came back from the people park...coffee & hot chocolate all around ..smile .With the good weather , a lot of weekend warriors & dog walkers , we met another couple , who stopped with their Irish Wolfhound.. smile....big girl , even with Thor sitting on the park bench , she was eye level with Buddha belly.....geez....laugh out loudlaugh out loud...Old Thor did try his best Errol Flynn impersonation./ thats my boy ...wink

zelda..big laughbig laugh

Gotta go , Old Coot taking Deb & myself to the fancy schmazy hot dog place..laugh out loudlaugh out loud

Hugs & Farts
I like big woman Thor..wave

Pre (2 dogs with the works read ) thinkingthinking

Weird but true

Attention, criminals — buck-naked is not a good disguise.
A 300-pound man left security personnel at a Philadelphia-area Walmart flabbergasted when he walked into the store in his birthday suit and proceeded to shoplift a pair of socks.
Cops confronted him at the door and Tasered him when he ignored their command to halt...big laughbig laugh
One of the last two members of a rare species of Central American frog has croaked.
The little Rabbs’ fringe-limb tree frog was euthanized at Zoo Atlanta this week after it fell deathly ill and vets said it could not be saved.
The Rabbs’ frog hails from Panama and is believed to be extinct in the wild. The last remaining member of the species lives at the Atlanta Botanical Garden.
Wonder if frappucinos are a popular drink there.
The Squaw Valley Resort in California now features a “ski-through” Starbucks, where snow bunnies can shush right up to the takeout window on their skis or snowboards to order their sugar-free cinnamon venti with soy milk or whatever.
Now if customers could figure out a way to actually sip while in motion, the idea would be perfect.
No thanks for the mammaries, ladies.
Two women pulled knives and robbed a Florida restaurant after they tried to get patrons and staff to give them money for flashing their boobs — and no one took them up on the offer.

“Basically, when they were turned down, they kind of got a little rowdy,” a witness said.....laugh out loudlaugh out loud
Hope they flushed.

A pilot for Pakistan International Airlines is in hot water after he allowed some friends who didn’t have seats on a packed flight to ride in the jet lavatory on a cross-country trip.
The pilot told officials he was just doing his duty but he now may see his career get flushed...shrug

Dunlop-named for- the rider not- the tyer
Barked: Sat Feb 18, '12 12:12pm PST 
*does little happy dance* getting a new car today!!! Teaching the BF about the wonders of car insurance. smilesilenced The only issue I have with it, is that its Yellow. Bright canary yellow... It's been dubbed "Tweety". Dunlop is going to go nuts over it cause the lady that owned it has cats that when they go the the vets ect, have full run of the car, on a leash of course. kitty kitty cat smell. He's going to be doing the hoover/sniff/fluff him self up routine over the kitty smell - put a cat in front of him and he fluff's up rather like an angry cat, all tail and ruff.

Black dogs rock!
Barked: Sat Feb 18, '12 12:53pm PST 
wave all

Squ'mey, love the new place and the new namesmile
Sirius- Padfoot- Black

Too clever for- Mom's own good!- :)
Barked: Sat Feb 18, '12 1:37pm PST 
Afternoon, all!!

Got my new loveseat, my satellite dish, and took the girls to the vet for their annual. SNAP tests all negative, yay! Then, today, took the boys to get their nails done. The little pet supplies boutique I get their food at has an occasional nail clinic where they trim nails for $10. The lady is really good. Even Wicket didn't fight her.

Hope you feel better, Sarah!
Love the new pic, Thor!
Good to see you, Shane!
Glad everybody seems to be finding the new place. How shall we decorate? laugh out loud
Conga-rats hamster dancehamster dancehamster dance on the new vehicle, Dunlop!

The new HDTV is beautiful!! I'm currently watching "How To Train Your DRagon" which is already awesome, but it looks great on this tv!!
Sarah, CWSR,- CWG1, CGC

Million Dollar- Mutt
Barked: Sat Feb 18, '12 2:24pm PST 
Thanks for the well-wishes everyone. I'm feeling much better today. No fever, throat doesn't hurt so bad... Just dealing with nasty sinus gunk (aka snot). The double strength antibiotics must really be working their magic!

All this talk of white coat hypertension, Annie, when your toilet paper gets down to the last bit- do you have "brown tube hypertension"? smile
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