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Black dogs rock!
Barked: Tue Jan 15, '13 6:45pm PST 
Nope, Flicka, no guilt from MIL , Princesse is the 3rd dog she has given away that I know ofnaughty
Sarah, CWSR,- CWG1, CGC

Million Dollar- Mutt
Barked: Tue Jan 15, '13 7:51pm PST 
Flicka that is way too many kids!!! Yuck!

I work in Special Ed, Speech & Language to be exact. I have 50+ kids on my caseload, many in the middle of evals, many of which I am case manager for. The legal limit is 60, so I'm pretty close to that. Support from admin is minimal, I have zero prep time during the day, so I stay at work late and do paperwork at home. I think I am going through burnout!!

That's a really pretty plant Dunlop! I do not have a green thumb, lucky if I can grow grass!! My dad grows lots of veggies and he has several wildflower gardens. He turned the old vegetable garden at home into a "prairie". That is, he replanted it with native prairie flowers and grass. It's GORGEOUS in the summer!
Flicka ~ CGC

NO-ONE is going- to sneak up on- my Mummy
Barked: Tue Jan 15, '13 8:58pm PST 
Bunny... MIL naughty

*Gasp* am I allowed to do that to your MIL red face

Sarah... Mum used to spend just about every night and half the weekends making things. as a kid I used to help her. We got to spend time together.. and I learned alot.

Often the kids she taught didnt have decent clothes.. not talking Lala fancy clothes.. I mean a cardigan for warmth in winter.. underclothes.. dammit all .. shoes !

She was really good at combing the 2nd hand charity shops.... she could kit out a regiment on a few ££s. She wasnt supposed to give this stuff to the kids.. Education Authority RULES.... but she did.. so did the other teachers in her school.

She believed with all her heart that if she could teach a child to read and write and to love books.. they had a way UP and OUT.. thats why none left her class until they could.

She died when I was 14...there isnt a day I dont miss her . BUT.. I know there are people out there she showed there was a choice to. Thats the greatest gift any good teacher passes on. Dosent matter what you teach....you give someone choices they never had before.

Hang in there... what you do is precious....

As to your Dad.... that is GREAT ! The drought is taking so much here.. but the good thing is few around here(and it helps being surrounded by 10,000 acres of Wildlife Management on 3 sides) grow anythng.. and dont use chemicals. I am nursing along all I can to keep the "prairie" pasture (even if cut down) flowers going.

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Natasha - 美花- ~Beautiful- Flower~

Let's play tag!- You're it!
Barked: Tue Jan 15, '13 9:19pm PST 
Well, I'm feeling better, which is good because Alvin still has his plastic bag, playing with it, rolling on it, and generally making loud crinkly noises with it...confused

fun toy

Flicka- any major digging on our property has to be done with a bulldozer, otherwise it would take forever digging up all the rocks! laugh out loud Hope you're doing ok with the ice storm... I remember back when I was in the dorms at college, I think it was 2000 or 2001, we had an ice storm that knocked out power to the school. They ended up sending everyone home since they couldn't keep the dorms warm or feed the students. I had no place to go, so I, along with a few other "homeless" girls in the dorms, huddled together in the common room with candles, games, and fun stories.

Dunlop- Glad Dunlop is feeling better! We could use the dirt from the pond for the rabbit pen, but we would have to separate it from the thousands of rocks we're bound to dig up at the same time. But, that's ok, free dirt! way to go It's really warm here today, just after noon and it's up to 29*.

Jethro- When I just glanced at your main photo, I at first thought "a rabbit?" laugh out loud Then I realized it was baby Jethro from above! laugh out loud

Sanka- That comic is hilarious! laugh out loud What a jerk hitting his poor Golden like that..he's going to wonder why it's afraid of him...confused I packed up and moved halfway around the world and that didn't get rid of my problems...kinda escalated them since they're harder to take care of from here! laugh out loud My Walmart in Missouri has booklets posting dates for hunting season, they renew them every year and gives exact dates. It's in the sporting goods section on the counter next to the rifles or registers, I don't know if your Walmart carries them or not. Or, you could try the conservation dept., they should have dates posted as well. It can get a bit tricky for non-hunters to find out this info. Be careful, hopefully the hunters in your area are all ethical folks who check to see what they're shooting at before pulling the trigger/releasing the bow.

wave to everyone wave

We have a couple of trees in our yard that have begun to flower. I don't know what either of them are called.

large tree with orange flowers

close up of orange flowers

This tree is only about two feet tall and the flowers haven't opened yet, I'll post photos of the flowers after they open.
little tree

This plant isn't in our yard, but we're planning on getting one, we just have to find the name of it first! laugh out loud It's a tiny yellowish/white flower on a bush. The flower is *extremely* fragrant, it took us awhile to finally find the source because we were smelling it from quite a distance and the flowers were tiny, so we didn't notice them at first.
fragrant flower

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Turner - Gone Too- Soon

Hi I'm Turner- Wanna Smell My- Butt?
Barked: Tue Jan 15, '13 9:22pm PST 
Evening all! wave M&K take care hug's for you. Looks like your getting the weather tonight, not me! silenced Onyx love the collar the fabric is awesome! way to go Roxy, I was shocked and the first thing I said to hubby was I gotta tell Roxy on Dogster so she can tell her son! laugh out loud Funny, even he agreed, he knows the group so well also! cloud 9 Won't believe what happened on the way home tonight. We drove through town and hear this Firestation siren. Laughing that we live so far in the country there is no sirens out there. Then on the last road to the house (about 5 miles from town) a truck passed us with flashing red lights (volunteer FD), then another. We looked at each other and hubby mashed the peddle. We got closer to our town hoping it wasn't our house on fire (the money-pit has bad wiring still). It wasn't it was the American Legion in the little town by us. About 1 1/2 miles from the house. Sad part is the FD is 2 doors over. Hate to see any fire on any structure..cry Calling for snow showers tonight, we'll see. Mom and dad are looking at 2-4 with a layer of ice on top naughty Called mom and told her to get out and shop today as she may be house bound for the week. She's almost over the flu and took my advise and went food shopping. Dad sad she came home cured! laugh out loudcheer Worked with an idiot who cheated on his wife with a girl who is almost 30 years younger than him and slightly mentally challenged. Had to walk off my post 3 times so I didn't strangle him. Told hubby tomorrow I will say something and file sexual harrassment on him if he doesn't knock it off. silencednaughty That's it, I'm beat! Have a great night all! flowers Going to close my night by looking at Jethro pics! cloud 9
Flicka ~ CGC

NO-ONE is going- to sneak up on- my Mummy
Barked: Tue Jan 15, '13 9:40pm PST 
Natasha.... We have sandstone below us. In some places I can go down 4 feet.. and its just sand.. move 12 inches in another direction and you hit sandstone 6 inches down.

We dodged the bullet this time with the ice storm....

Same old story here.. you can post the dates for the legal seasons.. getting folk to actually take notice..........

Turner... ask your idiot sweetly and nicely what part of taking advantage of another person turns his psychy on ? Then again.. sounds as if he is the mentally challanged one and wouldnt "get it".

Glad Mum is safe and stocked up. Any amount of snow I can deal with.. but the ice scares the heck out of me ! Glad too she is feeling better !
Jewel, PCD

8.6lbs of fury- in a bow!
Barked: Wed Jan 16, '13 7:01am PST 

Love the collar Onxy!!! Is there a collar of the month club??

hugs M&K

Chloe got spayed yesterday, oh my poor little cookie monster! I guess once they got in there they found a bit of an infection starting plus they pulled a bad tooth so she's on pain killers for three days and antibiotics for two weeks! She's putting on a pretty dramatic show until she sees food then when the foods gone she's dramatic again. I laid on the floor to snuggle her last night and she walked away! Still mad I guess, but Jettsen saw me and came right over to snuggle. laugh out loud Boys.

Sarah, keep on trucking! Yeah I'll never be a motivational speaker.

I'm worried that a friend of mine is going to have her dog put down. He's a mini poodle that she took from her sister because her sister's kids were abusing it. He's totally nerotic and is starting to have vet bills pile up due to eye issues. She doesn't feel that she can re-home him due to his issues. Sad.

Black dogs rock!
Barked: Wed Jan 16, '13 7:43am PST 
On phone so short and dont know how to do icons. :9 for goats, playful bunnies, pretty flowes and dogs hugs for putting up with idiots, crazy schedules and operated dogs. yes Flicka u can do that to Mil but only in cyber space. wish i could shake her myself wink
Flicka ~ CGC

NO-ONE is going- to sneak up on- my Mummy
Barked: Wed Jan 16, '13 7:44am PST 
Morning All.....

Not a good start.. slashed finger with scaplel... and Lucas threw up on the carpet as i was moping blood !! He is fine.. and I am too... just sore and taped up !

Its also Groceries day.. I hate.. and I have a meeting at the National Weather centre on the way in... slowwww Pamy... sloww

Jewel... I understand Chloe being mad ! It too shall pass. Glad Jetty snuggled... am sure he is saying he wants to stay !!!

I guess your friend has to examine her priorities.. she is his guardian.
Jewel, PCD

8.6lbs of fury- in a bow!
Barked: Wed Jan 16, '13 8:35am PST 
Finally uploaded a bunch of pictures for you!!

What my sister got me for Christmas.

This is the Husky Silver I helped transport.

Chloe & Jettsen out for a run.

The whole gang sniffing.

Chloe at adoption event.

Chloe at adoption event two.

Jettsen at adoption event.

Jettsen at adoption event two.
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