What do you think I am??? (just curious)

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Barked: Sat Feb 4, '12 9:57am PST 
Hi everyone,
I am new to dogster, I found this site while browsing the internet to get new info or ideas on a fur baby that I plan to adopt. Bea was found roaming the streets, apparently she was used to breed pups and when she birthed her last litter she was dumped by the owner. frown I found an ad for the adoption of Bea in my local newspaper with these adorable pics of her. I fell for her the moment I saw the pics. (I haven't met her yet, will go to meet her today.)wink In one picture, I thought that she could have some boxer in her, then some angles I think some type of pit but that one ear that is always up kind of throws me off. thinking I think she is the most adorable dog, and the rescuer says she has the sweetest personality and she loves to cuddle. AWESOME!! I can't wait til she joins her furever home!big grin welcome