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Kip & Oogie

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Barked: Mon Jan 30, '12 4:38pm PST 
This thread is just for fun! Share any particularly memorable/funny/silly stories about your pup(s)!

I'll start off. I remember one evening, my boyfriend had gotten home from work early and we snuck off into the bedroom for some alone time and left the furkids outside in the living room (which we have done many many times before with no issues).

Well, this evening was different... the minute I stepped out of the bedroom, I felt something cold and damp underneath my foot, and it STUCK to the bottom of my foot. Perplexed, I peeled the unidentified thing off and inspected it... it LOOKED like toilet paper, but smoother and firmer. I was also confused how the pups could have even had access to toilet paper since the bathroom door was shut. As I was pondering this, I looked down and saw several bits of the same mystery substance shredded... leading in a B-line towards the couch/coffee table area. And then it hit me: THE VEGGIE SPRING ROLL I HAD LEFT ON THE COFFEE TABLE!!!

Sure enough, the mystery substance was the rice wrapper of the spring roll. The dogs had shredded it so they could get to the carrots inside of the roll big laugh They weren't a fan of the rice paper or the noodles or the cucumbers or the spinach though... As for the peanut sauce, it was never found. Only the empty container which they had licked completely clean shrug

I'm still not entirely sure HOW they got the spring roll off of the coffee table (which is too high for them to reach), but my best guess is that Kip made a mad leap from the couch to the top of the coffee table. I witnessed him doing that *once* afterwards when I had a toy of his on top of there that I was planning on repairing. Apparently he didn't want to wait for it to be fixed!! laugh out loud

Needless to say, we don't leave food-stuffs on the table unsupervised anymore. big grin

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When my husband and I were dating, I maintained my own apartment for a while even though I frequently stayed at his house. Eventually, I decided to move in with him and became mommy to his 2 chihuahuas and his cat. Shortly after moving in, I began to notice that his washing machine was doing a number on my delicates. I bought a special lingerie bag, I washed them on gentle cycle, etc. But I kept finding holes in my overpriced Victoria Secrets underwear. Mystery was solved the day I came home from work and Bailey came running to greet me at the door with his head through the leg hole of my thong. Booger was getting into the dirty laundry basket and chewing my underwear! After that, we bought a taller hamper with a lid!

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I was sitting on the couch watching Lily chew on her nails. I asked Lily, "do you want me to do your nails? Do you want a pedicure?" She sat up and looked at me. Then I asked, "Lily want a pedicure?" And she started whining and wagging her tail. I asked her again "Lily want a pedicure?" And she started doing soft barks and whining more. I went and grabbed the treats and the nail clippers and when I turned around Lily was gone. I came back to the living room and she was sitting on the couch and I said "Lily want a pedicire, huh?" And she flopped over and stuck her little feet in the air. It's funny because normally if I want to do her nails she sulks then shows me her belly all defeated like. This time she seemed happy about getting her nails done. She even looked like she was falling asleep while I was filing her nails. She's such a girl. laugh out loud

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Kip & Oogie

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big laugh Luke that must have been a sight to come home to!! I hope you got pictures of that. Priceless for sure laugh out loud My mom and dad had a similar experience with their male poodle mix and ended up having to get taller laundry hampers as well! Their dog is a hoot. One of the most vocal dogs I have ever encountered- and not in a barking way either- the little dude will literally yodel and squeal like a stuck pig when he decides he wants to “talk” to you! His range of weird noises is pretty astounding.

^^ He (JC) is also kind of a jerk… I remember the first time I took Oogie home for Christmas (she was just over 8 weeks old), he cocked his leg and tried to pee right on her little puppy head!!!! Luckily the joke was on him- he ended up pissing himself because he was wearing a bellyband laugh out loud Did I mention he has to wear those? He is the biggest “marker” I’ve ever met in my life. A giant, curly haired, yodeling bag of pee. Still very loveable though wink He can also do an “Elvis” smile.

Lily, that is too cute!!! What a little diva laugh out loud I love it!! Kip will start “singing” if you ask him if he wants cottage cheese (which he always wants)… problem is, little guy is not a very good singer, AND he is apparently tone deaf and does not realize that he is not a very good singer. He literally sounds like what a squeaky wheel would sound like if it came to life and then promptly got beaten to death slowly with some sort of blunt object. I’ve tried to teach him to use his voice better, by letting him watch nature shows with wolves howling and whatnot… but he still responds the same way in the same tone when he tries to sing along with his howling wolf cousins. Luckily they are on the TV and can’t hear him laugh out loud The thought has crossed my mind to buy him one of those mini-piano things that kids play on- My gut instinct tells me he would bang on the keys and then do his little “singing” bit at the same time, which while painful to the ears, would be pretty entertaining to watch!