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I wasn't sure what forum this is appropriate for. I want to walk my dogs in the night and I get nervous because my Leah is a GSD mix but I don't think she has such a thick fur as Adam. I normally just don't do the coat thing! But Leah also doesn't move as fast as Adam or run around like him so just in case. I found a coat I like it's brand is Pet Life Thinsulate but the size was too small in the store so I have to buy it online. Does anyone know a website to buy that from, or any dog coats that are large enough sizes and for very windy and snow conditions? Thanks!dog walk ETA: Is it too weird to put a GSD mix in a coat? Her body is just like a GSDs. If she moved as much as Adam I really wouldn't, but I'm out long and IDK if I shouldn't! Been in single digits at times but the wind is oddly strong this winter this is usually more mild.

Also - do dog's legs get cold? Adam has well insulated fur even on his legs, and Leah's just don't look that covered. Maybe I'm just musing but I don't know how they can walk through icy snow and it doesn't hurt.

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Beauregard has the mission coat from ezy dog. I really like it a lot for him. He had to wear it today because it was so cold out.
This is the description of the coat from the website.

"Product Description
The EzyDog Mission Coat is made from a durable 600 Denier shower proof polyester fabric to keep your dog dry when braving the elements. The coat is lined with super warm non-pilling fleece and sports a stylish 'Sherpa Fleece Collar'.
This coat has it all; including a double-ended waterproof zipper that allows leash access to either a collar or harness. After fitting the coat, make a one time adjustment of the Tri-glide side buckles for a perfect closure. The elasticized contoured leg tabs keep the coat in place while on the go. The zipper neck closure and wind flap are standout features to prepare your dog for any winter activity.
Built-in light reflective piping provides easy visibility and safety for those early morning and evening treks.
The Mission Coat is loaded with features for the ultimate in protection and function for winter time fun!"

Here is a link to the website if you want to check it out. Some of the sizes are not available in all the colors but hopefully if you like the coat they will have the size Leah needs.
I'm not sure if dogs legs get cold or not, Beauregard has boots to protect his paws but they're a bit of a pain because they don't always stay on. I hope you can find something to keep Leah warm and comfortable.

ETA: The coat is kind of expensive but if you get several years use out of it I think it would make it worthwhile. We had a cheaper coat before for Beauregard but it didn't last long.

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Coats are a great idea to get walks in throughout the winter season. We can get sub-zero temps without wind chill factored in. Better safe than sorry.


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I'm very picky when it comes to coat quality and I've tried several ones including ruffwear (I normally love their stuff), but found them to be flimsy and cold.
My favorite, by far is weatherbeeta landa deluxe dog blanket. Weatherbeeta is a well know horse blanket company, but they make exceptionally great and inexpensive dog jackets. They are very warm and insulated, and my favorite feature is the belly strap that wraps around the midsection to keep the heat trapped against the body. A lot of dog coats do not have this important feature.

You can get them at statelinetack.com, they are $20 on average with free shipping. Looks like they still have the defender 1200 D in size 24, which is what my dog wears.
Adams horse supply also has it, but its more expensive.

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Check these out! They are all custom fit coats... With polartec linings and wind/weather resistant outer coverings...

http://www.all-about-great-danes.com/custom-dog-coat s.html