darn why didnt I get a picture!

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Barked: Tue Nov 29, '11 6:53pm PST 
I am a utility worker and sometimes have to go into yards, imagine how fast I stopped in my tracks yesterday when I get to the gate and there is a Presa Canario (so georgeously built he looked fake) and the most massive Akita I have ever seen. My first thought was "I wonder if they are growing pot back there, cause that is a lot of dog" But they were the most amazing specimens I have seen ....ever but I gotta say, I almost peed a little at first sight.

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Akita Pals- Always.
Barked: Tue Dec 20, '11 10:27pm PST 
Not all Akita or bully breed owners are automatically up to something illegal. I own 2 Akitas and my male is huge. I am a home maker and hubby is a state employee. We own Akitas simply because after tons of research and having had an Akita mix we fell in love with the breed. Ours are owner trained,well socialized,and very sweet.
They are calm loving wonderful family pets indoors and very protective of our home and property outdoors,since I am home alone and have some health problems due to a car accident years ago they are good company and make me feel secure. They don't even bother to alert whe our regular mail carrier or the usual meter readers,as well as street cleaning,utility workers,and even neighbors regular visitors are here in the area due to utility company policy we have requested that meter readers come to our front door so that we can let the dogs in before they enter the fenced area. Please do not stereo type people by the pets they own. We have nothing to hide,we just happen to love our chosen breed.