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Work? What's- that?
Barked: Sun Nov 13, '11 7:06am PST 
Starting out early, I guess. Was heading home from farmwork and I go through a really small town - population maybe 20, and about that many houses (a few are abandoned), anyway, on a curve heading out of said town, I saw a couple female dogs wandering around in the road. Usually around here that means someone dumped them - they are confused and wandering around in circles, etc, trying to figure out where they are. One was a border collie, the other was...looked like a small akita mix maybe (very obese, the collie was pretty trim though)? Anyway they both were quite friendly, came right up to me when I stopped...so I shut off the truck, locked it up (as Samson was with me), and walked down the row of houses going door to door to ask who they belonged to...got a definite affirmative on the akita, the collie, well, not 100% sure but people "thought" they lived at the same place. The collie had a collar, the akita did not :S. Dunno. Anyway I went back to that house (had passed it before and both went straight to the back door like they lived there, and stood there like they were waiting for me to open the door), and left them there. I hope that's where they both belong. They had both been previously seen in eachother's company for quite some time so I'm sure the collie lives somewhere very nearby anyway...she seemed to be a lot healthier (better coat quality, trim, etc) but the akita could have a health problem, who knows (and she seemed to have problems...well, with "digestion" so to speak so she may).

The collie was exceptionally friendly, would have liked to bring her home if she was stray smile. I think her and Samson would have got along really well. Ah well. They wanted to meet but without knowing her health status I really did not want them to get up close and personal.

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Barked: Mon Nov 14, '11 6:19am PST 
Thank-you for taking the time. Understand your reluctance to allow the dogs to meet you just never know. Good on you and thanks againflowersway to go=