Puppy mills leave lasting emotional scars, study finds

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I saw this on a forum I go to.

http://yourlife.usatoday.com/parenting-family/pets/dogs/story /2011-10-11/Puppy-mills-leave-lasting-emotional-scars-study-finds/50 722874/1

I thought it was interesting read and I found it even more interesting how it says even the cleaned puppymills the dogs have post traumatic stress behaviors..

To me even if the area is cleaned, food and water provided all the time vet care.

What about the dog's exercise needs? Socialization? Training mind stimulation etc..

I believe stress can cause issues with the dogs and if they're pregnant I believe the stress from the mom can affect the puppies too.

I mean even if the dogs were in bigger concrete kennels there still be an issue of exercise and all that stuff living in a area like that all the dog's life has to be stressful even if the area is kept completely clean.

Sorry for long post I thought this was interesting so wanted to post for others to see.
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Thanks for posting!! Puppy mills are so so so sad.

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Thanks Saya. This is what I know, even removed from the mills very young these dogs seem to "inherit" a dislike of being kenneled, an unreasonable fear of going hungry commonly displayed as guarding behavior, issues with being handled, and oddly in many cases a dislike of men even if the mill operator was a woman. These problems do not manifest in all dogs but the instances of mill pups displaying them seems higher in my experience.


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Hmmmm, I wonder if Lily originally came from a mill, she is a bit like how Sabi described. She is terrified of being shut in the crate. I got her to the point where she will go into it for a snack but she still will freak out if I shut her in. She is afraid of strangers but mainly afraid of men. She is weird about being handled. She sometimes guards food that she won't eat. But we may never know because she is a rescue.

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