Pug blog (going too far?)

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Barked: Sun Oct 9, '11 9:12am PST 
As a lot of people on this forum know, I write a blog about my pug, Bunk, and enjoy sharing his stories with my friends, family member, and dog lovers around the internet. My favorite posts to write are the misadventures of Bunk, written entirely from his perspective. However, my girlfriend and I have recently began writing about a variety of other topics such as pug health, pug food, and reviews of pug merchandise.
I would like to know from the Dogster community what you like reading most so I know where to focus my efforts.

Just a warning about the blog: When I write from Bunk's perspective, I in no way represent how either I, or my girlfriend actually feel about the issues discussed. It is creative writing and should not be taken literally. That being said, I would like to know if the blog does go over the edge since I know a lot of families probably go on the site, and I don't want to freak too many people out.

Blog post: The benefits of neutering a pug: there are none!

Article: Pug Wrinkles
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Barked: Sun Oct 9, '11 11:03am PST 
Here is the thing about blogging. It is for YOU first and foremost. If you try and morph it into something everyone else wants and cater to the other people it then becomes a website/business and to me at least, isn't as fun.

So, you need to choose your focus. It is going to be a family friendly site full of information and cute stories about your dogs? Or is it going to be a tongue in cheek sarcastic essay about the woes of life that might not be so family friendly? Is it going to be all dog, all the time, or is your personal life going to be included too?

I actually read your neutering one sometime this week. I, for the life of me, can't remember how I found your blog though. For me personally, I don't like long posts written from the animals perspective. In general, I find it a bit tedious. But guess what? For every person like me, there is someone out there loving blogs from the pets perspective-and writing them too. So you see how you can't write to please everyone? Write in a way that is authentic to yourself and people will find you.

I know some folks might find my blog a bit boring. It is super family friendly, with lots of pictures. But I like just writing about what I am doing with the girls or what they are doing. No advice or articles about puppy raising or how to choose a good food. But, that isn't what I wanted my focus to be about.

Born to Pug
Barked: Sun Oct 9, '11 3:12pm PST 
Thanks a lot! I really appreciate your honesty big grinbig grin

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Blogging is fun, whoops, mine hasn't been updated in, furever...

Anyway, I'm sorry but, I burst out laughing at your most recent wordless Wednesday! Bunk is such a character, I see why you decided to share his adventures with the world way to go .

For a suggestion, product reviews are good, but when you mentioned writing things from his perspective, I thought why don't you do that with some product reviews too? I've seen some other blogs that include a video, or detailed photo reel of their dogs "testing" items, you could then include a small paragraph of his description to go with the photos to sum up his feelings of the item.