Not always a morning eater

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Daisy Mae

Cute? Yeah,- that's me.
Barked: Sun Mar 13, '11 6:06am PST 
There are some mornings when Daisy Mae rather play or go back to sleep instead of eating. Usually, I give Daisy Mae her food around 4:30 or 5 in the morning. Sometimes she eats right away, other times she does not. Whatever is left in her dish at 6:30 is put back in the container. If she starts to eat, she eats it all. She does not get food again until 4:30 in the evening when I return from work. She usually does not eat that right away because she is so excited to me, but will eat it within an hour. I try to be consistent with her feeding times, even on the weekends.

Is it normal for dogs to have mornings when they are just not hungry? If she does not eat her 1/2 cup in the morning, do I give it to her with her 1/2 cup in the evening, or stick to only the 1/2 cup for dinner?

Daisy Mae will be 1 year on April 1st.