Chewy needs a new collar any ideas?

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Tall,Dark, and,- Handsome
Barked: Tue Mar 1, '11 8:01pm PST 
Hi, im getting Chewy a new collar and thought id see what you guys would reccomend.Its just going to be his collar that he wears during the day with his ID tags not for training or anything.I would like something that will look good.Im not sure which color.. maybe blue or something cool.

Milo, CGC

The Definitive- Autism Service- Dog
Barked: Sat Mar 5, '11 2:06pm PST 
Hi Chewy,
You can design your own with BowWowMeow Design Kit if you can't find something you want. Everything you need comes in the box. They also have a leash kit.

Design Your Own Collar
Shayne CGC,- RL2

Shayne- Disc Doggin in- the 'Burgh!
Barked: Sat Mar 5, '11 8:54pm PST 
I'm a big fan of Collar Mania collars... Shayne and Rio both have beautiful collars from her.

Shayne and Rio have 1.5" plain collars embroidered with their names... I'll be ordering an embroidered "adopt me" collar for my new foster

Shayne and Rio's collars ...both are embroidered with their names and my number

UKC Ch Endless Waltz de Nanrox

<(-How do you- Dew?-)>
Barked: Sun Mar 6, '11 5:13pm PST 
For every day, you really can't beat Lupine. I barely ever have to wash my guys Lupine collars, where as most average fabric/nylon ones I've found stain. I reserve the fancy made ones for "special time", but for every day use around the swampy hill we live on, the Lupines still look new (Jinjo's is going on a year, I just got Enda's last fall). They are also assembled in America, and they will replace them even if chewed, I know of someone who is now on their 3rd free collar from chewing.

Barked: Wed Mar 9, '11 4:08pm PST 
Another vote for Lupine here. They look great and if anything happens and they break—they replace them for free. I accidentally left the end of a leash hanging out of my car (no dog attached, btw) and the drive to work destroyed the end of the leash. I popped it in the mail along with my address and I had a new leash in a little under a week—no questions asked!

So Lupine collars/leashes, dog and human fool proof!

will work for- frisbees!
Barked: Wed Mar 9, '11 10:28pm PST 
I like lupine for everyday collars with tags, but for something special I LOVE Collarmania collars! They're so durable and beautiful at the same time.
Sally Beaker-

Professional- Bone Horder
Barked: Thu Mar 10, '11 4:27pm PST 
I get MimiGreen and UpCountry collars from work for half off, so that's what my pups all wear. smile
Of course there a few I've been eyeballing on artfulpups.com that are just too adorable!
Hershey Bear- (2003 - 2015)

Silly old bear
Barked: Fri Mar 11, '11 8:03am PST 
We love these!:

http://wwww.collarmania.com - Hershey has one from here. Excellent quality, and the owner is very nice.

http://www.ellaslead.com - Another great collar source with a very nice owner. Stunning and sturdy leather collars, as well as leashes.

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CGC,RTD,AKC- Brake's- LoneRanger

Aussie, Aussie,- Aussie, Oy, Oy,- Oy!
Barked: Fri Mar 11, '11 3:48pm PST 
Another vote for Lupine here!wave LOVE their products and their amazing policies!! I have collars and leashes for both of my pups. Ranger wears the "Silverado" pattern and Macy wears the "Plum Blossom" pattern. I recently introduced my sister and her puppy (pit) to Lupine and they are hooked as well now!big grin (My only wish would be a little more choice in their patterns!)
Daisy Mae

Cute? Yeah,- that's me.
Barked: Sat Mar 12, '11 12:22pm PST 
My Daisy Mae wears a LaZer collar all the time for her tags (I.D., license, rabies, microchip), she has a matching step-in harness for when she is using her matching leash. She is a pug, so she needs the harness. It is purple with reflective strip all the way around them an a paw print design. It was the only brand that our one and only local pet store had. I have not found anything online that had all three pieces matching for a price I could afford. I am a little OCD so I like that everything matches. big grin
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