What is Baby?

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The Beast
Barked: Tue Feb 15, '11 4:28pm PST 
We found Baby a few years ago on thanksgiving she just ran into our house,we never found her owners so she stayed with us but, im not sure what kind of dog she is exactly i have noticed she looks like she has pug markings and colors but like a rat terrier body and face.Also a lot of people say she looks alot like a mini shepherd.I know it is possible for a small dog to have puppies with a geman shepherd but im not exactly sure.She will play with her ball all day even by herself and she loves to go running and play with other dogs outside. She has dark brown black ears with the black face mask in the picture and grey going down her chest,the rest of her body is tan with darker tan going down her back and here paws are a light fawn color.Also i have looked at many pictures of chugs and she does not resemble one at all going by the pictures i have seen,I have also looked at pictures of pug german shepherds that she looks like and pit bull chihuahua mixes that she resembles.

Thankyou for any possible ideas

♥ The Doogers ♥

Babe, Molly and- Houndy
Barked: Wed Feb 16, '11 9:01pm PST 
I'm just not seeing Pittie, German Shepherd or Chihuahua.

Brussels Griffon's come in smooth-coated or rough-coated varieties. I do see alot of Pug considering she has the Black mask like a Pug. My very best guess (and I think it's an educated one) is Baby's a Pug/Brussels Griffon mix.

http://www.dogbreedinfo.com/brug.htm (Brussels Griffon/Pug mix)

http://www.dogbreedinfo.com/griffon.htm (Brussels Griffon)

http://www.dogbreedinfo.com/pug.htm (Pug)

The Beast
Barked: Thu Feb 17, '11 10:28am PST 
kind of looks like the smooth coated one when it comes to fur color but she doesnt have the smushed in face.. i dont really see the resemblance from the griffon dog... any other ideas? also she has a long tail but it is curled not like a pug tail but more like a husky tail almost just not as fluffy

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