What the heck do you think Jack is?

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Ch. BIS- Wandering Spirit- Vom Wildweg CGC
Barked: Tue Feb 1, '11 5:13am PST 
Here are photo bucket links to Cylis' picture, I think you can see the uncanny resemblance.

http://i27.photobucket.com/albums/c177/Beaucerons/cy .jpg


dogster seems to add weird spaces to links...
Sandy Baby- ♥

I may look- little, but I'm- ALL dog!
Barked: Tue Feb 1, '11 5:27am PST 
Haunter, this site will turn them into a link so that one can hover over them and see the picture and you don't have to worry about the magically appearing spaces.. smile

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Barked: Tue Feb 1, '11 8:27am PST 
Oh wow, they do look super similar! Thanks!

♥ Arlowe ♥

Best kisser in- the world!
Barked: Wed Feb 16, '11 8:44pm PST 
Oh my gosh! He is SO cute! He MUST be the cutest dog I've seen in a while... big grin

Arlowe is a Pittie/Yellow Lab mix. He is very lean, too. I would say that Jack is a Pittie/Labrador Retriever mix. I agree with Hershey about Pitties originally being more lean and taller than the stocky/buff ones that you see now. :~P
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