Merry Christmas

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Self-appointed- Cookie Inspector
Barked: Thu Dec 23, '10 7:28pm PST 
Just wanted to wish one and all a very safe and Merry Christmas. May you all stay safe with your pups and thoroughly enjoy the season!

Tennis ball,- tennis ball,- tennis ball...
Barked: Thu Dec 23, '10 8:49pm PST 
Merry Christmas to you too, Snoopy!

Barked: Fri Dec 24, '10 3:50am PST 
cheercheer Merry Christmas to all of you too happy dancehappy dancehappy dance


I listen...when- I want to
Barked: Fri Dec 24, '10 6:35am PST 
Merry Christmas!! It looks like much of the Eastern half of the country will be getting snow this weekend, so everyone be safe!

Gone, But Not- Forgotten.
Barked: Fri Dec 24, '10 8:26am PST 
wave Snoops!!! Merry Christmas to you, Pheobe, and the bi-peds! May you find cookies in your stocking and a squirrel in your tree! big grin

Why run when you- can hop??!!
Barked: Sat Dec 25, '10 9:11am PST 
Merry Chrismas every woofwaveblue dogsnoopydogblue dogsnoopydancing