Sale/Rescue Lack of Correlation

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Barked: Fri Dec 17, '10 9:42am PST 
This may sound like a strange question, and I am not sure if I should post it here or not.

Some of the forum topics made me do some thinking, so I logged onto our local "pound" and took a look at the dogs there. There are 145 dogs currently in the system. Of those 145, 28 are small dog breeds. Out of the 120 bigger dogs, 68 were "pit or lab type/mixes". Of the 35 dogs actually available for adoption, only 3 were small lap-types. I spoke with one of the ladies at the pound recently, and she said she has worked there for almost a year and has never seen a small adoptable dog PTS. (Not that it has never happened, and I know that is not the case everywhere.)
Even on Petfinder, 1/5 of the dogs available in my area are classified as "small," and not all of those are the lap-type breeds.

Then I pulled up our local Ebay Classifieds. Out of the 72 most recent posts in my area, 57 were lap breeds.

So: lots of bigger dogs in the pound, very few, comparativly, small dogs. But lots of small dogs for sale, and relativly few, comparativly, bigger dogs.

Why is there such a mismatch? Is it that there is some underground area the pit and labbie mix puppies are being sold? Are they just being given to "the guy down the street"? Or are people getting that cute little bigger breed puppy without really understanding how big that dog will get and how much of a challenge they can be? Is it that the smaller dogs are just easier to keep and rehome if necessary?