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Dog park incident.

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Dog park Ruffian
Barked: Mon Dec 6, '10 12:12pm PST 
Thanks for the support everyone.
Tina has seemingly no problems from the incident. I took her back to the park yesterday and she was just as excited as ever. There were nice dogs there while we were there but as we were leaving someone was bringing in a husky that jumped and growled at her. People just don't think, do they?
From now on I'm alternating days-- one at the dog park and one where I'll take her on a long walk instead. I've also started wearing heavy boots to the park so I can protect her better without going at the dog with my hands!

Unfortunately it's a public park, and all you need is for your dog to be registered with the town. However, if I do see him again I will call the police and I'm sure he won't be bringing him back after that!

It's really a shame that those of you who are pitbull owners have problems with your dog being blamed. Like with every dog they do have the ability to be mean too, but some of the pitbulls at the dog park are the biggest marshmallows I've ever met! Dog stereotyping is just terrible sometimes.

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Penny Mouse- Fart Ayala

I eat, therefore- I am.....
Barked: Mon Dec 6, '10 7:11pm PST 
So glad Tina's OK!! I carry pepper spray for personal and my dogs protection. If you get most breeds in the face, it's fairly effective and causes no permanent harm. I got attacked by a small dog while walking me small dog and I picked Penny up to save her from the viscious weiner dog, who then tried to bite me also. So, to protect us I sprayed the dog. The dog ran off crying (thank goodness) but then the owner came after me. The pepper spray was VERY effective when sprayed in the owners face, also!! Gave us time to get away and he didn't see where we went and we never walk in that area anymore!! CARRY PEPPER SPRAY and don't be afraid to use it. If its not sold in your area, you can buy it online. Just be careful to not spray it when the winds blowing hard towards your face. Aim low in that case and keep your dog out of the way. Good Luck!!

Diamond is this- girl's best- friend!
Barked: Tue Dec 7, '10 5:16pm PST 
Document everything that this horrible man does at the park. Note the time, location, witnesses and take photos if you can. This man is a menace.


you eat kibble,- I eat- everything!
Barked: Thu Dec 9, '10 12:47pm PST 
Good job protecting Tina, Just a tip if your dog is ever attacked grab the attacking dog by the back legs and pull it off *dont yank* its hard for them to reach back to bite you in that position.and make sure you have a good grip...

People are amazingly ignorant to their dogs bad behaviors. I know Moose can be male dog aggressive, so I NEVER take him to parks that don't have multiple enclosures. And I try to go at a time when I think it would be least populated.
When Moose was 5 months old he was attacked by another dog, *some bully mix* the dog pierced Moose's cheek and left a few puncture marks on his front legs. The dogs owner simply stated "My dog is aggressive when he has his tennis ball" and continued to flirt with another dog owner...REALLY? ... I never went back to that park. Luckily Moose didnt pick up a fear aggression reaction.

Tucker the- Wonder Dog
Barked: Wed Dec 15, '10 5:48am PST 
I was just going to type the same thing Moose! lol Unfortunately most people do not know how to introduce dogs properly and a lot of these new dog parks are public and have no one there to help people learn how to act in these situations. Good job standing up for yourself!!! I'm much older but usually don't speak up but when it comes to my babies I would do the same thing. I had one lady try to blame Tucker for her dog snapping at him. Her dog then had another incident (pretty sure she was in heat) but the owner was too ignorant of dog behavior to see that her dog was stressed and not enjoying the experience. I was already calling Tucker and headed over to distract him and she wasn't even watching her dog. Personally I think in these types of situations your attention should never leave your dog.

Lol there should be a required classes before being allowed entrance into a dog park.

I like the poster idea too. There should be a way to know who the repeat offenders are if they are going to be smart enough to stay away. I personally don't understand why you would return if all your dog does is attack other dogs but people are crazy.

Momma is the- center of the- universe...
Barked: Thu Dec 16, '10 8:51pm PST 
Public park! Which means it has to have rules for public safety.
Our dog park prohibits aggressive dogs and females in heat, puppies under 4 months (must have vaccines and license). No human children under age 8. A few other rules for safety and cleanliness.

Once in a while thing go bad. But the majority of people at the park are good dog people and support the rules and what is right.

I'm just surprised you were the only one to speak up. I, and many others, have asked people to mind or remove their dog on behalf of someone else.
Bella and- Daisy CGC

I'm a Meanie
Barked: Thu Dec 16, '10 9:25pm PST 
Honestly, we left our first choice dog park. Too much craziness. Now we go to a different one further from my house.

The one we go to now generally has better dog owners. I have also helped by trying to make the dog park all about playing with me or sniffing stuff for my dogs. They will play with dogs on occasion and they like sniffing butts but they avoid the big packs of dogs. That always helps keep them out of trouble. So they sniff, hang out with me and play with each other.
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