I'm drawing pics do you want one?

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Mandy~Rainbo- w- Bridge~2/28/- 2011

rub my tummy
Barked: Wed Mar 2, '11 5:19am PST 
i would love one of our Mandy....we just lost her on 2/28/2011 :*(

thank you!

The Napkin- Snatcher!
Barked: Sat Mar 5, '11 12:20pm PST 
It's awesome, thanks!

Will work for- food or cuddles.
Barked: Thu Mar 10, '11 2:36pm PST 
I just saw mine. Thank you so much!

Donovan'sMajesticJet of Solace

Street sweeper!
Barked: Wed Mar 23, '11 5:02am PST 
Mandy, Im so very sorry. All my best to you and your family!hughug
Maya-Living- in the UK

Pet me please?
Barked: Sun Mar 27, '11 3:04pm PST 
Thank you guys for the pictures, they are awesome sory i'm so late I forgot red face

I can get out of- anything...
Barked: Mon Mar 28, '11 1:39pm PST 
It's alright Maya! Hope you enjoyed them!
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