How many of your breed have the same name as you?

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Buster- (1996-2008)

Are you gonna- eat that?
Barked: Wed Jan 30, '08 2:18pm PST 
There are 23 Golden Retrievers named Buster on Dogster, and there are 27 Pomeranians named Toby.

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BSL - laws against- BigSexyLugs- stop it!
Barked: Wed Jan 30, '08 2:38pm PST 
Just one other SBT called Boston, and he is a bridge pup
Lucky CGC- -9/17/1996-2- /25/2008

RIP- Sweet- Angel
Barked: Wed Jan 30, '08 7:49pm PST 
There are 4 greyhounds named Lucky, including my very good friend in Australiacheercheersnoopy

JJ"S Stinger

To sniff where- no one has- before.
Barked: Wed Jan 30, '08 7:53pm PST 
There are 4 other breed dogs with my name. But zero that are of the same breed ( greyhound ) mine is rare,puppy

Barked: Wed Jan 30, '08 9:42pm PST 
Looks like 10 other English Bullies named Hank.

RIP 1996 - 2008 We Miss You- Old Man
Barked: Thu Jan 31, '08 4:42am PST 
Only one other English Bulldog , that I know of named Rommel
Cookies 'n'- Creme- (1998-2011)

Heart of a lion,- soul of a lamb
Barked: Thu Jan 31, '08 6:27am PST 
There are 14 other Shepherds named Cookie. My brother is the only Sheltie on Dogster with the name Gray Dawntreader.

Boxer Gentleman
Barked: Thu Jan 31, '08 7:05am PST 
None! BOL. I am the only one!

Barked: Thu Jan 31, '08 7:07am PST 
There are 8 dogs named Brigid, but no other Boxers with that name
Donovan'sMajesticJet of Solace

Street sweeper!
Barked: Thu Jan 31, '08 10:30am PST 
Im the only one! I did find one pup named Jet but wasnt a GSD.
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