Major Potty Problem

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Doxie By- Association
Barked: Mon Jun 13, '05 1:04pm PST 
Ok, so, my boss has a problem. Her son is trying to sell their house. His dogs liked to use the basement as their bathroom quite frequently. It is an unfinished concrete floor. They've cleaned it several times, but still can't get the ammonia "pee" smell to go away. Any suggestions?
Cheyenne- Moon

Live, love and- play
Barked: Mon Jun 13, '05 1:08pm PST 
Try soaking the floor with Natures Miracle, you can get it at any pet store. The smell will usually get much worse while it's doing it's work.
Keiko- (4/8/98-12/5- /12)

Queen fuddy- duddy
Barked: Mon Jun 13, '05 1:22pm PST 
Since it's a concrete floor, have they tried bleaching it? I'm not sure how well Nature's Miracle would work on concrete. If there are windows in the basement, open them to help air it out as well.


Bringin' Sexy- Back!
Barked: Mon Jun 13, '05 1:56pm PST 
in the future to prevent this problem teach the dogs to do their business outside. All parties involved benefit.

A Doggie Scholar
Barked: Mon Jun 13, '05 7:43pm PST 
Concrete is considered porous, so it might be pretty impossible to get the smell out.
Rosalita Lola "Rosie"

Love is never- being told you'- naughty!
Barked: Tue Jun 14, '05 7:03am PST 
My mummy can't believed that they left it after the dogs peed and didn't try to clean it up then. It must have smelled terrible down in the basement!