Chaining your dogs.

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Barked: Wed Jun 15, '05 8:07am PST 
We all live in what mushers call a dog yard. We each have our own house and are chained when mom isn't with us. Our yard is also fenced (about a 1/4 acre) and we get to run loose almost every day in the summer, unless it's really hot. We also have a swimming pool to cool off in and some ramps and tunnels to play in and on to increase our flexibility . Mom has something to say, so we'll go lay down now.
I think mushers have a unique situation in which chaining is the healthiest most humane way to keep multiple dogs happy and secure. Most Husky type dogs DO NOT like to be kenneled- they tend to pace, dig and eventually will chew wire. Because they have a heightened sense of "pack awareness" , they are comfortable being chained because they are all together and can interact to a certain degree. I agree that chaining a pet dog alone for long periods of time is bad, and can cause behavioral difficulties, but if this were the case for all chained dogs, I could not let a 6 lb Pomeranian run free amongst all my dogs, even during feeding time. To see some pics of my dog yard you can go to my web page and click on the "photo album"

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Barked: Wed Jun 15, '05 9:03am PST 
I don't like the idea of dogs being chained up 24/7 without food, water, proper veterinary care, lots of human interaction, and shelter. I know someone that chains their lab with probably a four foot chain to a dog house. That's no life to live, especially for a lab!

I think that if the dog is well-taken care of (which includes lots of human interaction), it's OK. We have tieouts for the girls, but they live mainly indoors.
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Barked: Wed Jun 15, '05 12:28pm PST 
Lucy, we don't live there anymore, and he was a mean old grump. He would also patrol the neighborhood making sure no ones grass was too long. He posted complaints about our grass twice (at least I suspect it was him, since he would stand in front of our house looking at our lawn.......Keiko didn't like him). We didn't own a lawn mower at the time and sometimes it would take awhile to get someone to come out and cut it.

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Barked: Wed Jun 15, '05 2:15pm PST 
He must have had some mental issues! You made me fall off my chair laughing with those complaints about the height of your lawn!! I can't believe that someone actually would be so crazy to do such a thing! If he lived in my neighbourhood he would probably have arrested me himself for the condition of our lawn.
I was sure that Keiko wouldn't like him, Lucy didn't like that guy who poisoned her and the rest animals in our old neighborhood. They have a sixth sense, and they are such great character judges, Lucy has never been proven wrong in 8 years...

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we did that with belgian same reason but he broke it so we had to keep him in the kennel
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