Crazy Question

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Nacho G.- (R.I.P.)

Nacho-Nacho Man,- I got to be a- Nacho Man
Barked: Fri Jun 3, '05 1:09pm PST 
Nacho is our first dog, so we're still learning interesting things as we go. One thing I find curious is that he never licks food off his bottom "lip." It looks so cute, as he keeps licking his top lip, but the food just stays there on the bottom.

So here's my crazy question: can dogs ' tongues only flip UP, and not down? Or does he just not realize he could lick the other way?
AJ (5/25/98 - 7/27/09)

Barked: Fri Jun 3, '05 4:24pm PST 
That is a good question..

I don't ever recall seeing any of my dogs licking their bottom lip. If there's anything on it, they do the "scooting" routine on the floor.. (butt up, chin on floor, rear legs propelling them like a wheel barrow) This cleans their chins.
Allie.... In Loving Memory

I'm an Angel now
Barked: Fri Jun 3, '05 4:44pm PST 
Same here AJ.... Allie & Buddy both do the charge along the bottom of the couch to clean theirs !!!!!!!
Come to think of it, I also have never seen any of my dogs lick their bottom lip.......good question.

AJ (5/25/98 - 7/27/09)

Barked: Fri Jun 3, '05 4:54pm PST 
Along the same topic.. I read someplace, (a long time ago) that dogs lap up liquid by catching the water on the back side of their curled-under tongues. They don't lap "forward" the way they should normally seem to do.

A Doggie Scholar
Barked: Fri Jun 3, '05 10:29pm PST 
I think that's so true. When I had to drink cranberry juice (UTI incident, don't ask!!!) I would always end up with a red beard below my bottom lip. Mommie thought I looked cute.