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What a great idea? Have one too?

This is the place for pups to exchange ideas and information about a variety of dog-related topics. Don't furget that there are many great resources on Dogster such as Dogster Answers and Dogster Blogs!

Bruschi ^..^

Barked: Wed Jun 1, '05 12:50pm PST 
Today I was reading a post in one of my other groups and a member was saying that she bought a small kiddie pool for her pups. I thought that was a great idea to keep her pups cooled off during the hot summer and also to burn off some energy. That got me thinking...does anyone have any other ideas for outdoor fun that doesn't involve the dog park. (We're not very fond of them.)

I am such a- sweetie
Barked: Wed Jun 1, '05 12:53pm PST 
We have a kiddies pool....but a kiddies sandpit is fun too...means we can have a dig hehe

Barked: Wed Jun 1, '05 1:08pm PST 
Awww Bruschi, you're so cute. I just love your new pictures.

How about a sprinkler? I don't particularly like getting wet myself, but it would be fun on a hot day.

Mommy feeds me ice cubes when it gets hot out. They're so much like a treat that I forget they're really just frozen water.

Bruschi ^..^

Barked: Wed Jun 1, '05 1:31pm PST 
Thank you're a cutie too. I've been working on finding my "good side".

I love ice too but not plain...I like mine chicken brothy. MMMmmmmmm. I think I'll go beg for one now.

Pardon my- mud-mask
Barked: Wed Jun 1, '05 1:35pm PST 
Hey Bruchi, I belong to a Siberian Husky forum, and a kiddie pool is just what they suggested for keeping the cool on us northern breeds. Lay a block of ice in there and I'm chillin'

My owners plan to freeze water in plastic containers or buckets and lay it on me. Ahh, 60 F water!

You like socks too? Yummy, aren't they?

Here's another idea - how bout we all post a "tummy pic" as our primary image on one day? I got the idea from goofy Kelly see his silly class=bodyTextRev target=site href=""> dogster page

Be true to your- pack
Barked: Wed Jun 1, '05 1:36pm PST 
Aw, sorry, Kellys dogster page is
Bruschi ^..^

Barked: Wed Jun 1, '05 2:54pm PST 
Socks...socks...sssaaawwwkkksss! Yes the dirtier the it seems.
I love the belly idea! We should pick a day and all do it. What does everyone else think?

Got Bread?
Barked: Thu Jun 2, '05 12:41am PST 
I love a good belly rub, so why not a belly pic! I'll have to get Mom to take one though!